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We know how important image, reputation and brand are to business and it leaders in Trinidad. It can take 20 years to build your Image and 5 minutes for it to be tarnished. As a result, organizations like yours are taking aggressive steps to manage, correct and control their reputations in Trinidad.

Our Reputation Management / Image Management services and Image Management Action Plan (IMAP) will work to suppress the negative listings on the internet while adding positive profiles.


Whether you’re a doctor or a dentist, a lawyer, auto dealership, or a restaurant, online reviews have a large impact on your company.

92% of of Internet users read product reviews and 89% of people say that reviews influence their purchasing decisions. (eTailing Group)


The most obvious benefit of our IMAP approach is our ability to re-populate the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) with positive stories while suppressing the negative posts.


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