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Retaining Rings, Alloy Tool Steel Parts, Plastic Mould Steel Parts Manufacturers Supplier - YUANFANG

Sichuan YUANFANG High-Tech Equipment Parts Co. Ltd was founded in 1998, which located in Jiangyou City, Sichuan province, China. With a total investment of 110 million RMB, it has 10000 m2   of heavy factory, 3000 m2 of office space and 2000 m2 of other auxiliary space. YUANFANG has four branches: smelting, forging, heat treatment, machining

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Contact Us:

Sichuan Yuanfang High-Tech Equipment Parts Co., Ltd

Address: No. 168, North HUICHANG Rd., Jiangyou Industry Park, Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province, China 621700

Tel: +86/21-80369606

Fax: +86/21-80369621


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