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Know You Rights And Responsibilities While HiringKent WA Towing Services

There are some rights and responsibilities of you as a consumer which you must know and follow when you want to hire Kent WA Towing Services.If you know your responsibilities well it will assist you to decide your next step when you want to tow your vehicle safely to the required destination by a towing service provider. After an accident you are the person to decide where your vehicle will be taken and not the towing service provider or the operator. You also have the right to decide who will tow your vehicle if you are very much concerned about the safety and further damage of the vehicle.

It is also your responsibility to contact anyone before you sign up with any authorized person from Towing Kent WA service provider. You can get the names along with contact phone numbers of a few insurers from the towing authorization form which you need to sign before starting of the operation. If you find that the tow truck is not well maintained and unsuitable to tow your type of vehicle and may further damage it, then you also have the right to refuse to avail such a service. Once you sign the authorization form it is your responsibility to get a copy of it from the tow truck driver. You can contact the tow service provider’s office if there is any dispute regarding the quotation of the service you want to enjoy.

If you are the owner then your responsibility is also to report about the accident to the nearest police station as you authorize your damaged car to be towed by the Kent towing Kent WA truck driver. Though there are some changes and specific cases of road accidents where you do not have to make any reports to the police station ad can safely tow your vehicle away provided that there is no death or major injury or DUI incident. Make sure that the place you want your car to be towed is clearly mentioned in the authorization form. When you sign the form also check that all the details and columns are properly filled up, cost is mentioned including all charges and surcharges and much more.

You can check from your insurance provider if the towing charge is covered or not later to claim it back along with the insurance. You can always take the help of a police officer in such cases and exert your rights if the towing company is unwilling to cooperate, which seldom is the case. Also check the credentials and certificate of the tow truck driver to be safe from any problem during the transit and carry his contact number as well.All tow trucks have a specific license number plate and you must check it and keep it. 

Few trucks are not authorized to take away vehicles form an accident scene so you must be careful about the number plates of the tow truck as such trucks has a different type of numbering. This is very essential for interstate towing of vehicles. For any queries and clarification you can always contact the authorized departments of the state to know more about towing procedures and laws.


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