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Everything You Should Know About An Amazing Career Of Antony Gordon

Here we will talk about the very famous and best of all man- Rabbi Chanan also known by the name of Antony. This man life is so interesting and full of twist and turns, thus, very interesting to know more about this famous person. Apart from his high class post of President and CEO of the various famous firms, he is also known as the very famous presenters or lecturers by a wide range of the firms.

In 1989-1990, Mr. Antony completed his LL.M and Law program from the very famous Harvard Law School and later just focused on making his bright career which was grabbed by him by doing a lot of hard and smart work. He has worked with various famous group of companies like- Morgan Stanley, where he has worked as a senior vice president, which was not less than any achievement. His career graph is always bloomed in an upward position and currently working with the Life After Sport Transition (L.A.S.T) and Stealth Capital Management, LLC as a President and CIO. This is the strongest position for anybody and he is working over here from a very long time and attaining great achievements what he deserves to have.

Talking about his past achievements, he has worked with the top class organizations, like- MFS capital, LLC as an MD of the company and served the company very well for better growth and development. His ultimate support and work for East Avenue Capital Partners, LLP is also very commendable and worked over here as an MD for more than a year. Antony Gordon was a very famous student of Rav Noach Weinberg, Z’tl and Aish Hatorah, Jerusalem and contributed a lot in various affairs. He is considered as a Fulbright and intelligent scholar who was graduated from the Harvard Law School and always be very interested to be touched with the outreach since he was planning to leave Aish Hatorah.

You might glad to know, but Mr. Gordon was a very famous stand-up comedian too and has given various hilarious performance in the schools and other platforms. During his college days, he has organized a major music concert, which was joined by the various famous actors and athletes. He successfully organizes everything and known for his commendable support to make this event successful and remembered to all. It has been considered that his overall life journey is unique and very interesting and due to his focus and commitments, he has attained everything which he wished to have. This is all about his smart work and honesty which has pushed him so high and become famous. He is also recognized for his co-authoring of an article “Will Your Grandchild Be Jewish?” with the Richard Horowitz, who is a president of Aish Hatorah International. This article has got a lot of popularity and later it was translated into 10 languages as well as displayed in the numerous famous publications, like- The New York Times, The Vanishing American Jew and various others.

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Antony Gordon- Very Successful President And CIO At SCM

You might have heard about Rabbi Chanan who is also known by the name of Antony- a very successful and famous president and CIO. Here we will put some light on his overall career, personal life and other various facts to know more about this famous personality. His career and success list is so long and which can easily motivate anybody to be like him.

He is the famous personality who is known for the best presenters or lecturers. Yes, he has already served a wide range of organizations, thus become the top class person which must be remembered to all. He was also known for his amazing talent that is – stand-up comic in the Johannesburg, South Africa. Yes, he was the part of the major music concert when he was a student of the Harvard Law School and played a role of the private wealth manager. He organized the this amazing major event and worked with the most famous personalities from sports and entertainment industries in the world.

It has been mentioned that Chanan’s life is so unique and with lots of twists and turns, today he has reached to the top most level, which can’t be reached so easily by anybody. His life is full of excitement and a lot of innovation is here, thus, can say “boring and disappointments” are not in his life’s dictionary. Whatever he did, just did with full focused and made an amazing reputation in the market which can’t be replaced by anybody at all.

Here is the flashlight on his entire career which has made Antony Gordon very successful and a sought after personality. In 1989-1990, he was the part of the Harvard Law School and dealt with LL.M, Law, business and other various programs. He was also be a part of Activities and the societies, including- Harvard International Rock For Education, Harvard Law School Graduate Council, Harvard Law School Council and others.

Later, he has joined the very reputed company, named- Morgan Stanley as a senior vice president. Yes, this was the biggest achievement for the Antony and this has completely transformed his overall life. From December 1998 to February 2001 he has successfully served the company in the affairs of the private wealth management and everybody appreciated his work. In 2001 he has joined the post of Managing Director in MFS Capital, LLC and served the company for 5 years and 8 months.

Antony, later become a Managing Director of East Avenue Capital Partners, LLP and worked under Investor Relations and Global Macro Hedge Fund. Here, he has worked for 1 year and 2 months only. The biggest achievement of his life was- when he has become the President/ CIO of Stealth Capital Management, LLC and till now he is successfully serving this post. Not only this, he is also a founder and president of Life After Sport Transition and working so well to push it beyond the expectations.

All in all, his life is very interesting and we can look forward to see other various achievements about to come in his life.

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Air Ambulance Services- For Quick And Excellent Support Anytime

No matter who you are, but if you are looking for air ambulance service, better think about hiring the reliable one. Accidents may happen anytime, anywhere and with anybody, thus, it is always better to be prepared and speed dial the number of the best air ambulance which can easily reach to us.

Why it is best to have as it can easily work in the most critical situations by reaching anywhere, whether long and short distance quickly. Not only this, the staff work efficiently and take patients to the hospital without worrying about the traffic or any other complex things. Here, we are going to talk about one of vary famous air ambulance service provider which always ready to serve the people. Would you like to know more about the same, better do so and help people by connecting with the same.

Here we are talking about the LifeSaversAmbulance which is working so well and from a very long time to help people quickly. This Air ambulance is known for various reasons and facilities, however, you should know everything in advance to book up the same without any second thought. Moving up with the same service provider, will help you to pick up few types of ambulance services, like- Charter Air Craft, Commercial Air Craft, Helipad operations, which can be chosen by anybody as per the budget and needs. Yes, just know more about their differences and cost and you can hire anything so easily and as per your need and requirements.

Talking about Charter air ambulance service, it involves various facilities like- broad bed-to-bed social insurance air administration which will help you all the time. The best staff over here will help the patient in order to get essential cleanliness needs along with the natural air and medication facilities to the patients. All in all, each and every ambulance is well versed with overall facilities which will help people to reach anywhere without putting their lives in danger. One can also expect to have various other things, including- aircraft medical clearances, aircraft ticketing, things handling, oxygen services, ground transportation, individual prescriptions and other various help and support which will surely help in saving one’s life in a better way.

Yes, it offers the best air ambulance services to all, whether you are a Government body, an individual or anybody else and work in a legal manner to offer the best services. Why people love hiring the same as it never charges a lot which can put burden on one’s pocket as well as it never uses any wrong step to put anyone’s life in danger. Just hire it up and you will experience amazing benefits, which can’t get from any other service provider.

For better knowledge about air ambulance medical services and other various formalities, better move to the suggested source and decide the best decision on time. This is actually the best thing which should be used by all, however, better believe on the same and everybody will be saved.

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Stainless Steel And Aluminum Manufacturer, Supplier - Baomingjia Metal Corporation

Baomingjia Metal Corporation (BMJ) is the leading manufacturer and supplier in the production of metal product, building material and machinery. BMJ was established in May, 2010 with USD7,000 million registered capital, 60% invested by buliding engineering company and 40% by real estate development company in china. BMJ is located in zhejiang province industrial zone, covering an eara of 120,000 square meters. And the office is in zhejiang and shanghai two place for import & export.

For More Information Stainless Steel Coil, Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Coil, Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil, 201 Stainless Steel Coil

Contact Us:

Tel:+86 21 61849310

Fax:+86 21 54936557

Add:F16, Lianhua International Plaza, Buliding 2, NO. 7866 Humin RD. Shanghai, China.

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LED Panel Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Tri-Proof Light - Faceled Technology

Faceled Technology Co., Ltd  Limited is a professional manufacturer devote itself to the designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing of high performance led lighting products for various applications according to customers` requirements. Our products range includes Led modules, Led tube, Led spotlights, led strip, led cabinet, led panel light, etc, which have been sold very well in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, etc.

For More Information Led Canopy Light, Canopy Lights, Canopy Lighting, Canopy Led Lights

Contact Us:

Shenzhen Faceled Technology Co., Ltd

Address:No.18, GongMing Town, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, China

TEL: +86 755-82126663   Mobile: +86-150 99900816


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Lapel pin, Challenge Coin, Medal, Key Chain, Badge, Cufflink and Tie bar, Dog tag, Bottle Opener - PIN AND COIN Co, Ltd

PIN AND COIN Co, Ltd. are a professional factory with over 10 years experience in producing high quality Lapel pins, Coins, Medallions, badges, cufflinks, money clips, Key chains, magnets and other souvenirs which are very popular. Factory location is very convenience for clients to visit, 45 minutes driving from Shanghai Hong Qiao Airport and one hour driving from Pudong Airport, 18 minutes by High speed strain from Shanghai or Hongqiao Railway station to Kunshan. Very efficient to arrange both air and sea shipments. Of course, FedEx, UPS,TNT, DHL are also available based on your requirements. We have export license.

For More Information Lapel Pin, Custom Lapel Pin, Metal Lapel Pin, Custommade Lapel Pin

Contact Us:


#38 Chuang Xin Road

Jiang su



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Interpretation Booths, Flight Case, Aluminum Truss, Portable Stage Supplier - Tourgo Electronics Co., Ltd

Tourgo (Tourgo Electronics Co., Ltd) are specialists in the design and manufacture Interpeter Booth,flight case,aluminumtruss,portable stage,dance floor, pipe and drape,crowd barrier,event tent from one offs to production runs… Founded in 1998, over the years we have watched concept grow and gain a reputation for providing Quality Equipment. This alone would not have been enough without having a conscientious team that take pride in the work they do.



Telephone/Tax:  Tel: +86-755-28416965

Fax: +86-755-28416965

General Email:

Cooperation Email:

Office Address:   A1815 Huayi Building, No.9 Pingji Avenue, Longgang District, ShenZhen City ,GuangDong Province 518000,P,R.China

Flight cases & Interpreter Booth Department

Mr Fredy Lee       Email :

Ms Vivian Wong  Email :

Mr. William Shen Email:

Ms.Kate Chen      Email




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Garden Decor And Home Decor Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters - Charming Home Decor

Shenzhen Charming Home Decor have been designing and manufacturing the clients with unique and beautiful design features to compliment Homes and outdoor gardens.Our concept is to retain the organic feel of the traditional spaces and provide modern design highlights to add to the Home & outdoor experience.Charming Home decor specialize in custom made too. We can help you conceptualise what you would like designed with your individual space and mood in mind. We make 3D drawings for customers confirming for free.

For More Information Aluminium Frame Wicker Sofa Suites, Rattan Sofa Suites, Rattan Lounge, Wicker Lounge

Contact Us:

Shenzhen Charminghome Decor Co.,Ltd.

Add: No.903 -8 floor,B block,Xinghua Building, Shennan Road, Futian district,Shenzhen,China

tel: 0086-13785499448

WhatsApp: 86-13785499448

Twitter: Amy Han@AmyHanbing


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Electronic Cigarette OEM,Box Mod 200W, E-Cigarette Wholesale Factory - GMG Technology

GMG Tech Co.,Ltd is a technology integration manufacturer which specializes in electronic cigarette research, production, development, sales, and service. Since our establishment, we focus on newest design , high watts  products to develop electronic cigarette.Our management policy is to design and produce the most suitable and innovative products for our customers. For years, we have all along carried out the customer supreme principle, taken the technical support as a basis, wholeheartedly provided the advanced technical products and the high quality services to our all customers.

For More Information Sigelei 213, Fuchai 213 , Sigelei T200, Snowwolf 218

Contact Us:

Company Name: Shenzhen GMG Technology Co., Ltd.

Operational Address: 6 floor DaRun industrial BuChong village ShaJing town,Baoan district,Shenzhen,China


Please feel free to contact us in the following ways, we must reply you within 24 hours!

Business support : 

After Service support :

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Cheap Bridal Gown,Bridal Wedding Gown - Joyusdress.Com

Suzhou Quanjiafu Wedding Co., Ltd, located in Suzhou Huqiu Wedding Town. We are 12 years'factory in manufacturing wedding dresses, Prom Dresses, Evening Dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, homecoming dresses, party dresses, and etc. We only provide high quality women dresses for people around the world. All of the fabric we used is with high quality. Also we accept the personal design dresses, but please connect us firstly.

Contact Us:

Connecting Person : Angelia Wong

Phone Number:+ 86 0512-6534056;+86 15599018449

Email :

Address : No 26, Pufu Road, Huqiu District, Suzhou, China, 215000

Also you can connect the following emails:

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