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Speech Recognition Program - WadeProgram.Com - Speech Recognition Program

WADE has made a sensational  speech recognition program capable of opening programs, typing anything you desire, understanding 38 languages , and reading long articles for you. It also employs advanced user interface the user may customize and WADE possesses 11 unique voices.

The future has arrived! WADE is always aware when you are speaking directly to him. It is always trying to learn more about you to further his knowledge. WADE has a research database in which it can gather information on any subject. It also has the functionality of being Self-Aware.  


Although WADE is not human, as an A.I  he has access to an unlimited amount of resources, information and programs that he can control and use at his own will to aid you in whatever your needs may be.


WADE can manage almost everything in your life with its schedule feature. WADE is easy to use and has been described as The best AI speech recognition program on PC. The goal for WADE is to revolutionize the way we interact with computers and technology around the globe.


There are several speech recognition programs out there today, but without a doubt the best speech recognition program is WADE. It will not only make your life easier and your work easier, it is also a enjoyable speech recognition program to use, with many features that most other speech recognition programs do not have.


WADE is an affordable and fun way to open any website with your voice. It also has Skype and Facebook integration. It can read anything that you ask it to read. It also has type mode, offers powerpoint aide, weather forecast, instant Google searching, custom demands, image retrieving, gathers information on individuals, searches youtube videos, describes landmarks, Microsoft Word aide, Word Pad aide and much more!  


WADE  revolutionizes the way you interact with computers and technology



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