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Everything You Should Know About Acss1 Polyclonal Antibody

Would you like to know more about anti-ACSS1 antibody? Here is the description one can expect to get for great information and help. So, you should know that it is all about encoding the human gene as well as known as Acyl-CoA synthetase short-chain family member

Most of the people know it by the name of the Acetyl-coenzyme A synthetase and various others. It is necessary to know that encoded protein is an enzyme with an amino acid length of 689 and a mass of 74.9 kDa as well as other isoforms may exist. It is must to know that ACSS1 Antibody is a member of the ATP-dependent AMP-binding enzyme family and apart from this homologs of such sort of gene exist in other various organisms, like- Chicken, rat, zebrafish etc.

Talking about ACSS1 Polyclonal Antibody application and target, it can easily be used to include preferred starting dilutions and if you are looking for optimal dilutions/concentrations, they will be determined by the end user. It is the best to use in order to maintaining normal body temperature if you are on fasting and for energy homeostasis. Not only this, it is very essential for energy expenditure under ketogenic conditions and helps in converting acetate to acetyl-CoA and later it can be used for oxidation through the tricarboxylic cycle to produce ATP and CO(2).

In order to have ACAS2L Antibody, it is very necessary that you think about to check out the general information about the same. Yes, from its complete description to host, reactivity, applications, immunogen and region, specificity, purification, and other lots of things are there which you better think about to know. Moving up with the best source will help you to give you a complete specification and if you are interested to have the same you better connect with the company. Not only this, online reviews are the best ever thing which will surely give you a great help and support. Real time users as well as the best experts can help you to give you full review about the same and you can easily make up a great plan accordingly.

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