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Do you really need an astrologer to know your horoscope ? Astrologers interprets the natal horoscope from your birth chart. Of course this is the better way to discover all the secrets of your horoscope but usualy it's not free ! You can discover your natal horoscope for free on specialized web sites but not all of them may give you precise calculations. An astrological Birth Chart is calculated from your date, time and place of birth. This sky map shows the planetary positions and the astrological houses that follows the Ascendant. As planets moves slower than earth rotation, the calculation of the Ascendant and houses require the best precision for the given time of birth.

The Ascendant zodiac sign may change is less than 5 minutes so the accuracy of calculation is very important. The AstroQuick online free applications will give you the better accuracy for the calculation of the ascendant or rising sign, Sun, Moon, planets and other astrological points such as the Lunar nodes or Dark Moon. The Ascendant and rising sign calculation is the ideal app to learn your rising sign when you don't know exatly your time of birth. This free online app will give you an hourly range for your rising sign, so you will know if a 10 minutes imprecision on your time of birth may change or not your ascendant sign. Your natal birth chart is like your astrology identity through the zodical positions of the Sun, the Moon and planets, theire aspects and houses locations.

As the Birth Chart represent Billion of combinaisons, it's really unique; like you ! But if you do not have any knowledge in astrology, the sky map itself will not tell you much! So you will need an interpretation that is fairest and easiest to read. You can find it completely free on the web site, which is specialized in astrology for more than 25 years. This compagny offer many astrological services, such as the AstroQuick 7 software which enjoys the best reputation among professional astrologers. The AstroQuick online Free birth chart includes the synthetic interpretation of planetary positions in sign and houses. Very interesting information that will allow you to discover the richness of your astral chart... even for your family or friends. It's totaly free, no registration is required, no hidden cost or phone call. 100% free ! Get your free birth chart now !

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