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Things to do in Dubai – the City of Rapid Development

Dubai is without a doubt the city which shocked the world with its tremendous development temps. Just about 20 years ago there was nothing but dessert where now lies on of the most advanced, temporary and modern cities in the entire world. It has become a multinational commerce hot spot, hub for millions of people from different countries and nationalities. There are quite a lot of different things to do in Dubai, and it’s impossible to encompass them in a list. Below are some of them which are most worth it, so to speak.


  1. The Burj Khalifa


This is without a doubt the landmark of the city. It’s the tallest artificial structure in the world, reaching out a height of 829.8 meters or about 2,722 feet. This is something particularly tremendous, and that’s why it boasts thousands of people to visit it every single day. The tower is without a doubt the centre piece of the city’s downtown, and it’s definitely the most significant structures in the entire region.


  1. The Dubai Mall


This is by far the biggest mole in the city. It includes more than 1200 shops as well as the largest store for candies in the entire world. The mall also has a very luxurious hotel with 250 rooms, over 120 restaurants and cafes and 22 cinema screens. There is also the Dubai Aquarium as well as the Discovery Centre which is operated by the Ocean is Australian Group. You can take a glimpse at over 33,000 different species and marine animals.


  1. Dubai Fountain


The fountain has won the prize and distinction of being by far the most significant and largest dancing fountain with a choreographed system in the entire world. Now, WET Design was the studio which made the original design for the fountain. It has over 6,600 lights, and it has over 25 additional projectors. The fountain itself is about 275 meters long, and it’s certainly amongst the most impressive places to visit in Dubai.


The Palm Islands


Palm Jumeirah is without a doubt one of the most impressive things which have ever been created by men. This is an artificial sand island which was created off the cost of Dubai. The project got initiated back in 2001. However, it was finished in 2007, and it was recognised as one of the largest islands made by men in the entire world.


It is obvious that there are quite a lot of interesting what to do in dubai. There is an artificial and enclosed Ski Slope in Dubai. You can literally go skiing in the middle of the dessert – something which is absolutely huge. With all this in mind, the most impressive thing about the city is the astonishing rate and temps with which all of this was achieved. There are a lot of money involved in the construction – that’s for sure, but it’s absolutely amazing to see how far has the city managed to come.


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