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Six Hotels In Berlin That You Should Stay At

There are many ways that you can book hotel Berlin. One of the main ways that you can save money on staying at the best hotels Berlin is by signing up for hotel deals Berlin websites. There is no way to be sure that the hotels in Berlin that are listed below will have deals running, but they are still worth checking out.


  1. Lux 11


This old Stasi building was turned into the Lux 11 in 2005 by Silvestrin and Salmaso. The interior is dashing and future-proofed with its white walls and mauve and black accents. The Lux 11 is also home to the Luchs restaurant, which serves Italian classics with a modern twist. There is also a roof-deck and wellness centre for guests to use.


  1. Hotel de Rome


The Hotel de Rome was a complete remodel of the Dresdner Bank building, which dates back to 1889 and has 146 rooms. Most of the original features and character were preserved, which includes the Terrazzo floor, the wrought-iron handrail, and the marble pillars. The rooms in the Hotel de Rome range from 35 square meters to 105 square meters. 


  1. Cosmo Hotel


The Cosmo Hotel is a nearly perfect high-end hotel located in the museum quarter of Berlin. All the rooms are modern. Each room has light cream walls, steel coloured headboards, and roller blinds. The floor to ceiling windows allow light into the room during the day, but at night, the blinds stop the light from entering the room. The rooms are also noise-insulated, so you can get a good night sleep.


  1. Hotel Brandenburger Hof


This hotel is located on a quiet street lined with trees near Ku’ Damm. The Hotel Brandenburger Hof has 58 rooms and 14 suites. The hotel has all the amenities that you would need. There is also a restaurant that serves Nordic cuisine and a Japanese garden.


  1. Bleibtreu


The Bleibtreu is one of the most popular hotels in Berlin, which has 60 rooms for guests.  It is a refurbished 19th-century patrician house. The décor is clean and modern, and there is a health and wellness centre where services like acupuncture, massages and steam baths are offered. The Bleibtreu started an inter-culture artist exchange, so there is a place to leave poems and stories that you want to have added to their blog.


  1. Hotel Honigmond


The Hotel Honigmond is two hotels that are just meters from each other. This hotel is popular with newlyweds and couples, which makes sense because Honigmond translates to honeymoon. The rooms are decorated in English stately style and are large enough for two people.


Hotels deals Berlin can save you up to 50 percent off your stay. This is one of key ways that you can stay in the best hotels Berlin without needing to pay the large costs that many of them have. However, there are other great options for hotels in Berlin that you can pick from and may fit your budget better.


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