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Best Places In Paris And Where To Stay

You cannot list attractive and charming cities in the world without including Paris, this is one of the modern cities in the world that enshrines a tremendous broad range of attractive amenities. From natural beaches, perfect parks and museums to thrilling shopping malls and market marketplaces, it is a place worth to spend a holiday in. Paris has been a point of interest for many tourists from across the globe. There are so many places for Paris sightseeing that you can help you to discover the enchanting beauty of Spain.


  1. Louvre


This is the world’s largest museum and the whole Paris, and it contains a lot of artefacts, historical monuments as well asa lot of structures that are worth viewing and knowing. It is known to contain nearly 35,000 objects from prehistory to the 21st-century things. It is the world’s second most visited museum after the great palace museum in china.


  1. Notre Dame de Paris


This is a medieval catholic cathedral that serves as a religious centre as well as a sightseeing point. It was built in the same form as gothic churches architectural designs. It is recognised worldwide for being among the largest old churches where the Romanesque architectural designs were prevailing. If you want to discover Paris in detail, it is better to ensure that you tour such places because they enshrine both cultural developments and religious advancements.


  1. Arc de Triomphe


This place is one of the iconic historic monuments that honours the people who died in the revolutionary war as they were fighting for peace to prevail in Paris. At its bottom, there is the tomb of the Unknown Soldier who died in the World War II as he was trying to save France. Owing to this historical importance, it would be important for any tourist to visit the place.

  1. Eiffel Tower


It is located in Champ de Mars Paris, and it is one of the longest monuments and landmarks that tourists from across the world can come and see. People can go up its height to see the enticing beauty of the surrounding environment and the whole Paris at large. In 2015 alone, 6.91 million are known to have ascended the tower despite the fact that it is a paid for monument before someone is allowed to visit there.


Places to Stay in Paris


If you are looking forward to tour Paris, it would be good to ensure that you get a fancy and secure hotel that will not only offer luxury but also safety. Most of the hotels contain free Wi-Fi, Dstv connectivity and private bathrooms and kitchens. Besides, there are restaurants on every ground of the hotels with a fitness area and a spa in some hotels. There are many hotels Paris such that getting a place to stay would not be a hard thing. Some of the best hotels include the Hotel Design secret De Paris, Hotel Pullman Paris, and Paris France Hotel. All the five-star hotels are well protected, and in some of them, they offer free transport to and from the airport. For your chance to enjoy maximally, make sure that you book online while still at home.


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