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Tips On How To Book Hotels Dubai

Dubai has established itself as the top tourist destination in the Middle East. The emirate has a huge variety of hotels and alternative accommodation options suited to different travellers and their needs. Use the tips below to choose the perfect accommodation option for your discover Dubai tour.




When looking for the best accommodation to discover Dubai from, the timing of your booking bears a lot of significance. Of course, the lowest rates for accommodation are during the low season which runs from July to August. It is, however, worth noting that the weather is so hot during this period that it might be unbearable for foreigners. It is advisable for travellers to book their stay during the shoulder seasons that include May to June, and September to October. The high season in Dubai tourism is between November and April; this is when hotel rates are set highest.




Dubai has a well-developed transport network. This means getting around using buses and taxis is possible. It is however recommended that travellers book hotels close to the attractions they wish to visit during their discover Dubai tour to save on time and travel costs. If you want to spend most of your time at the beach, look for hotels near Palm Jumeira. Alternatively, travellers who are in town for business, or wish to be close to the best hangout spots and shopping areas are advised to book hotels along Sheik Zayed Road. Tourists who would like to spend time in Old Dubai are best suited to staying at hotels in the Bur Dubai area.


Accommodation Type


Dubai has established itself as a regional hub; this means that it receives a huge number of tourists each year. This has led to the establishment of a variety of accommodation options designed to suit the needs of different travellers. As you look for a preferred type of accommodation, you will discover hotels in different classes, as well as apartment and villa rentals. Apartment and villa rentals may represent better value for travellers who wish to stay in the emirate for an extended duration.




The local currency used in Dubai is the Dirham. Hotel rates are usually quoted in Dirham, but can easily be converted into dollars, Euros or Pounds. Since the dirham is weaker than the other mentioned currencies, it is recommended that travellers pay for their hotel stay during their discover Dubai tour in this currency. This may result in substantial savings. You can exchange foreign currencies for dirham at local banks and foreign exchange bureaus around the emirate.




If you will be travelling to the emirate during when hotels are looking to attract the few available travellers, for instance during the shoulder seasons mentioned above, be sure to negotiate with the hoteliers for better rates. Whether you choose to stay at the top hotels along Sheik Zayed Road, or budget options close to museum Dubai in the Bur Dubai area, remember to negotiate for reduced rates.


Dubai has become a cosmopolitan hub, finding the right accommodation option to set up during your discover Dubai tour is as simple as abiding to the above tips.



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