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Discover Beirut

A simple glance on the central district of Beirut and you will realise that the city is trying to maintain the balance between their past history and the present.  It lies in the coast of the Mediterranean that has an endearing cultural and historical landmark and some of the best architectural structure which dates back during the French, Byzantine, Ottoman, Crusader, roman and Phoenician era.  The place is just swelling with arts and luxury in every destination.  It is a major part of the Lebanon tourism which is drawing millions of tourists annually.


Top Things to Do To Discover Beirut


For those who want to immerse themselves in the local culture and tradition of Beirut, here are some of the things that you should do while you are in the city to have a complete understanding about their way of life.


Start Your Day with a Great Breakfast


One of the main defining factors of the Lebanon Tourism would be their local dishes.  It is known as one of the most unique and tastiest cuisine in the planet and what better way to appreciate their dished than to start your day with a complete Lebanon breakfast.  For those who love salty foods, they have manakeesh which is basically dough that is sprinkled with cheese or thyme.  For people who have affection towards sweet food, it is recommended to have a taste of the knafah.   Some restaurants are also offering less-traditional type of foods.


Walk Around


A simple strolling can help you discover Beirut in an amazing way.  Aside from the cedars of Lebanon that flocks the area, the town is also filled with amazing arts, restaurants, and handicraft shops.  For those who want to have the traditional feel of the Old Beirut, it is recommended to go to Gemmayze.  The place is filled with historic structures that highlight the unique quality of the city.

Visit Sursock Area


For travellers who are looking for a nice place to stay, the villas located in the Sursock area are simply amazing.  Most of the villas are owned by the richest family in Beirut, the Sursock family which is why the entire area has been named after them.  Residential places of the family are basically located in one section.  There is also a Sursock Museum that houses a great collection of modern art.  Be sure to stop by at the Sursock House that is a testament to the power and richness of the Sursock Family.  These properties have already been a major tourist destination of the Lebanon tourism.


Ride a Bike at Corniche


One of the most loved places in Beirut would be the Corniche.  It gives you an enthralling view of the Mediterranean Sea with a glorious and commanding backdrop of the Mount Lebanon.  It has a relaxing and laid back way of life where people love to hangout and talk under the cedars of Lebanon.  You may want to rent bike and take the 5-kilometre road of Corniche which will allow you to understand the local life.


These are some of the great ways on how you can discover Beirut and understand the rich and deep culture and tradition of the city.


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