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Discover Abu Dhabi – The Best Spots

Abu Dhabi is regarded as the biggest of the seven United Arab Emirates and is considered as the most popular in terms of being a holiday destination. The city itself offers a lot of Abu Dhabi sightseeing options, with a variety of attractions revealing all of its glitz and glamour.


Abu Dhabi sightseeing


If you are the type of person who just loves adventure, there are a lot of things waiting for you here. For example, you can enjoy sand skiing, as well as desert safaris. There are also water parks in the area. If shopping is something of interest, you will be delighted to discover Abu Dhabi and its wonderful shopping malls.


Aside from the rich culture and heritage of Abu Dhabi, it also serves as home to excellent infrastructure. With this, you can visit museum Abu Dhabi and get an understanding into the history of the city. Abu Dhabi also offers well-knit transportation facilities, as well as good connectivity. Most importantly, the people here also make the city a famous destination among tourists.


Abu Dhabi sightseeing includes a lot of things you can feast your eyes on. From designer golf courses, luxurious spas and hotels, traditional souks and great malls, you certainly have everything here. Among the best structures as well as national buildings can also be found here.


When it comes to hotel accommodations, you can expect a combination of personalised services, luxurious facilities as well as impressive designs. Aside from luxury living facilities, these hotels also offer amazing dining options, facilities for leisure, as well as other amenities. Most hotels in Abu Dhabi offer personalised room services.


Aside from touring around the metropolis, you can also opt to explore the other islands of Abu Dhabi. As a matter of fact, this emirate is composed of about 200 exotic, Virgin Islands, with most of them open to visitors and tourists. These islands also serve as home to different entertainment options, wildlife sanctuaries as well as untouched beaches. Make sure that on your next visit, you will schedule a time to see all of these magnificent attractions.


Among these islands include the Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, Sir BaniYas Island, Delma Island as well as the Al Futaisi Island.  These islands are pretty much accessible, with options on accommodations within, which mean that you do not have to worry about these things.


Most importantly, included in your discover Abu Dhabi adventure is the realisation that the best feature of this emirate is still its people. The unique hospitality that you can expect is incomparable, giving you that distinct experience that you cannot see elsewhere. Abu Dhabi sightseeing will certainly be a memorable one for you.


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