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Top 4 Hotels To Book In Milan

Milan is one of the mesmerising cities of Italy that is impregnated by a wide range of luxurious facilities. It is known to be the home for the National’s stock exchange market and major commercial centre which gained popularity from across the globe due to the many fashion designers that come from this city. For you to enjoy every aspect of this city, you need to book hotel Milan so that you stay comfortable and get time to tour the various places. But now that there are so many hotels, which ones are among the best for you? Find out below.


  1. Bulgari Milano, Hotel


This world class hotel stands on a 4,000 sq. m garden and it is located just some meters from the theatre La Scala and less than 1.5 km from the Milan Cathedral. Its green well-maintained garden that surrounds the ground floor bars and restaurants make the place breath-taking and cool. Its rooms are lavish enchanted with Zimbabwe marbles to make them more typical and unique. It offers the best hotel deals Milan where you can get a room for only $200 per night regardless of the booking site you would use. Free Wi-Fi, Dstv, Pool and parking spaces are among the amenities that you would enjoy when you book this hotel.


  1. Carlton Hotel Baglioni, Hotel


Located just less than 20 meters from the Metro station and 1 km from the Milan Cathedral, this world-class hotel offers nothing but luxurious utilities that would yield comfort to the tourists. The rooms are enriched with parquet floors and rich fabrics which make them to be unique and attractive making you to feel like a VIP. Free Wi-Fi and Dstv connectivity is available making you to enjoy free browsing and channel viewing. It is among the best hotels Milan because it offers a free parking space, pool and gym area where you would always be working out to improve your fitness. Its ground floor is filled with Restaurants and cafes where you can grab a drink or have a cool time relaxing.


  1. The Gray, Hotel


This is one of the fancy hotels that is known to contain a lot of luxurious modern amenities. Its art deco style nature epitomises its attractiveness, and the self-contained rooms which are enriched with bathrooms and kitchens make the hotel a pearl of comfort. Outside, you will have whirlpool, a spa, a laundry and drying place as well as a free parking space. The restaurant lobbies at the ground floor are there to receive you like a VIP and offer you aromatic dishes and refreshing drinks. Owing to this, it is among the hotels in Milan that people can book for when they come for their tours.


  1. Hotel Chateau Monfort, Hotel


Located in the Porta Monforte district, this hotel is among the best ones that give you nothing but world class luxury. Every room is equipped with a Wi-Fi connectivity, Dstv, and a free relaxing, tender sofa seat. Rooms are self-contained with kitchen, bathrooms and cooking materials to ensure that you live without interruption or inconvenience. Outside the hotel, a parking space, swimming pool, and room service are available to treat you further like a King.


Every Hotel has its own typical features and decorations so choose the best ones that meet your standard to avoid getting bored.



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