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Discover France through Its World Renowned Destinations

Aside from its beauty that is the envy of every country, France has this infectious romance, cultural sophistication and refined architecture that defines some of the major landmarks of the country.  The visitors of the country will definitely have a lot of treasured memories by visiting the top world attractions in France.  With more than 82 millions of tourists visiting France annually, the country is still considered as the most popular tourist destination in the world.


The Best World Attractions in France


With myriads of cities that will give you a different take on the French culture, tradition, personality and cuisine, it is quite challenging to create a list of the best destinations.  Here are some of our recommendations.




There is no doubt that Paris should be on our top list.  With Disneyland Paris and Eiffel Tower getting most of the attention, the city is the common choice of any traveller when they visit France.  It is attracting at least 45 millions of visitors yearly and has been dubbed as the City of Love, lights and the Fashion Capital of the world.  Though it is highly renowned for its romantic atmosphere, the place offers its visitors with a complete gastronomic experience, an engaging entertainment, luxurious fashion and profound culture and arts. When you travel to Paris, you want to find location of the prime destinations such as the Notre Dame, Musee d’ Orsay and the Louvre Museum.


French Riviera


Nestled at the French coastline of Mediterranean Sea, the French Riviera allows you to discover France through the favourite destination of the rich and the famous.  It is renowned worldwide due to Monaco, Cannes Film Fest and St. Tropez but it also comes with other world attractions such as Saint Paul de Vence and Eze.  It offers a desirable climate that anyone will surely appreciate while lounging on its pristine beach.


Mont Saint-Michel


Due to the commanding presence of its medieval structure, the Mont Saint Michel should definitely be included in this list.    For those who do not know how to find location of the Mont Saint Michel, it is basically situated on the North Western Coast of Normandy.  The Abbey that was built during 7008 AD has managed to withstand the test of time.  It is also allegedly the place that was visited by Archangel Michael.




Bordeaux is a main tourist destination that is filled with enthralling cultural and art scene, upscale shopping, historic sites and fine architecture.    It is packed with more than 350 historical landmarks, which includes the old bridges and the medieval churches found at the Ponte de Pierre.  It also highlights some of the most incredible plazas.  Your travel to France will never be complete without paying a visit to the chateaux, vineyard and the charming villages at Bordeaux.


Discover France through the diverse culture that is being offered by these major tourist destinations.  Travellers all over the world have already fallen in love with the world attractions found in France.  Experience the magic when you visit the top places to visit in France.


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