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What to do in Monaco?

Monaco is a small royal principality located off of the French Rivera. Even being less than 2 square kilometres, Monaco travel is popular. This could be thanks to the amazing views of the sea or the large amounts flowers and palm trees. So, what to do in Monaco during a holiday?


  1. Visit the Monte-Carlo


Monaco is about luxury and decadence, and this is nowhere clearer than when you visit the Monte-Carlo district. The district is located on the rock promontory to the north of Monaco’s port. The Place du Casino has a breathtaking view of both the city and the nature around the area.


Monte-Carlo is the wealthiest district, so it attracts the rich and famous from around the world. Many of the best restaurants are located in this part of the city, and there are a lot of stores and boutiques to shop at. The Opera House is also located in the Monte-Carlo district.


  1. The Cathedral


The Cathedral in Monaco is in Roman Byzantine style and is made from the white stone from La Turbie. The cathedral was the burial place of the Monaco’s princes.  It also houses the tombs of Princess Grace and Prince Rainer.


While the cathedral was built between 1875 and 1884, there is an altarpiece by Louis Brea that dates from the 1500’s. Another piece of note is the Episcopal throne of Carrara, which is made from white marble. There is a grand organ that is used during services and concerts. The church is free to visit and is open most days. The only time that the church is closed is during services.


  1. Opera de Monte-Carlo


Opera de Monte-Carlo is located in the Place du Casio square. The opera house has amazing views of the coastline. Opera de Monte-Carlo was built in 1878 and was designed by Charles Garnier, who also designed the Paris Opera House.


The auditorium is called “Salle Garnier”.  It is decorated in gold and red and has many sculptures. The Opera House has been the stage for many world-class operas. Even though it is well-known for its operas, the stage is also used for ballet performances, concerts, and musical recitals. Most of the operas take place from November to June. There is a schedule of all the upcoming concerts and performances posted on the Opera de Monte-Carlo website.


  1. Musee Oceanographique


The Musee Oceanographique is located on the Le Roche and is 90 meters above sea level. The building stands on massive foundations, which alone took 11 years to build. The Musee Oceanographique is the oldest aquariums in the world, and it opened in 1910.


Musee Oceanographique is constantly updating its exhibits. The aquariums are home to many rare species of marine life. There are over 6,000 specimens that are placed in 100 pools. It also has a turtle island and a touch tank where visitors can hold and take photos safely with the animals.


There are many other interesting things to do in Monaco during your stay. Monaco is a very popular tourist area, so there are many activities designed with travellers in mind.


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