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The Best Tourist Attractions In Illinois

Illinois is a historic city in American as it is the place where Abraham Lincoln started his illustrious political journey. In fact, the state has honoured this great figure by dedicated several landmarks and monuments to him. Other tourist attractions here include memorable signs, top-notch museums, plenty of shops, great food, and many others. Here are some of the best things to do in Illinois.


Field Museum of Natural History


This natural history museum located in Chicago, Illinois is one of the biggest of its type in the world. With a broad diversity of exhibits on site, the museum gives both visitors and the academic faculty an amazing site for research and exploration. Make sure you arrive at the museum early to give yourself enough time to explore all the different exhibits. One of the top tourist attractions here includes the Vikings and Native American exhibits.


Shedd Aquarium


If you love marine life then visiting the Shedd Aquarium is an inspiring experience. It is home to over 1,500 marine life species, birds, insects, and amphibians. The expansive aquarium was first opened in 1930 and continues to be one of the top Illinois Attractions. A top attraction here is the recreation of the Amazon ecosystem, including the rainforest and the Amazon River. You will also get amazing views of Chicago’s skyline from the aquarium.


Lincoln Tomb


This is the site where President Abraham Lincoln was laid to rest. It also features graves of four other family members, including Lincoln’s wife and their three sons. Located in the Oak Ridge Cemetery, this is one of the top tourist attractions for people interested in historic sites. The tomb is actually open to exploration by visitors. You will find a pristine statue of Lincoln here sitting in a chair located in the tomb. Other things to do in Illinois around this tomb include the memorials for World War II, Vietnam and Korean wars.


Henson Robinson Zoo


For fun times with the whole family, a visit to the Henson Robinson Zoo offers the best value for money. The zoo features over 90 animal species and more than 300 animals. Young ones will especially enjoy this visit due to the diversity and fun exhibits here. Additionally, unlike other tourist attractions in Illinois that take a long time to explore, the zoo tour takes a very short time. There are plenty of interesting animals to check out, fun rides and great food.


Buffalo Rock State Park


This park features magnificent views of the Illinois River and it was once used by Illinois Indians to hunt buffalos. Today, the tourist attractions here include American bison, Native American animal sculptures, and a kid’s playground can also be found here. If you are looking for things to do in Illinois, then this park is highly recommended.


A visit to the top tourist attractions in Illinois promises lots of fun with minimal chances of boredom. There are plenty of historical sites, recreational spots, shopping areas and great dining options.


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