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Top 5 Places To Visit In Ghana

This country is located in West Africa in the Gulf of Guinea, and it is known to receive over one million tourists every year from across the globe. It has enchanting beaches, beautiful and uninterrupted rain forests as well as some of the best coastal towns that encapsulates Ghana’s culture. Elmina and Cape Coast are among the popular and Iconic towns in Ghana that you should not miss visiting any time you land in this mesmerising country. There are a lot of places to visit in Ghana, and it would all depend on your touring ambitions.


  1. Kejetia Market


This market is located in the beautiful and charming Kumasi town. It sells pure traditional products that are very unique and typical. What else would you use to show that you were in Ghana if not a piece of traditional Jewellery from this market? Make it among your best places to visit in Ghana and enjoy shopping traditional foods, clothes, snacks and many other products while interacting with the local friendly people of the place. It has over 11,000 stalls and 40,000 traders which is a big market enough to make your day end here without you noticing.


  1. The Cape Coast Castle


If you want to get a practical flashback of the Slave trade and Akan culture, you would obvious make this place a priority. The white washed place encompasses a full equipped museum that enshrines artworks of many artistes and other national figures. The building encases even the grand governor’s bedroom and the old slave quarters. It is real one of the tourist sites in Ghana that you should not miss to visit.


  1. Kakum National Part


Have you ever walked on a flexible rope made Foot Bridge called the walkway canopy before? If not, this place has plenty of them and to make them more breath taking, these bridges are located in between the long tropical rain forests where all kinds of creatures can be found. Enjoy watching some of the rare bird species, lions, and gorillas as well as the monkeys.


  1. The Kumasi Voodoo Experience


If you would like to find more revelation on the Ghana rituals, traditions and religious believes, this is the best place to be. It contains shrines and priests who welcome people and talk to them to explain further about the religious and historical advancement of Ghana. You will have a chance to see the costumed dances and best rituals of Ghana. It is considered among the best places in Ghana because it carries the true integrity of Ghana.


  1. Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary


The very rare species of monkeys to find in this world, Colobus monkey and the Lowe’s Mona monkey are found in this Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is highly protected, but tourists are normally allowed to enter and have a view of the species. All the colours, including black and brown, are present. The villagers term this Sanctuary as a sacred place.


There are a lot of places to visit in Ghana, but the above ones tops the list because they are known to be fulfilling, and they record the highest number of visitors every year.


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