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How Virgin Hair Companies Work

While it is good to have natural hair, most ladies prefer to have hair extensions to their natural hair. As such, there are so many virgin hair companies that have come into existence. Most of these companies will supply, process and distribute the synthetic and human hair to various parts of the company. These companies have also embraced modern technologies to be able to drive these virgin hair companies.


Sourcing of Hair


There are different types of virgin hair companies, with some specializing in some initial stages of the process lie sourcing for the hair. Such companies will source for the raw and natural hair and pass them on to the other player in the chain of the activities involved in the supply of hair extensions.


Processing of Virgin Hair


After the sourcing of the raw hair, there are virgin hair companies that work in the processing stage. These companies get the hair in the natural state and will wash, dye, style the hair before packing it, ready for distribution. Most virgin hair companies that process the natural hair are based in Asian countries.


Hair Extension Distributors


Most of the virgin hair companies are involved in the supply and distribution of the synthetic and human hair. Most distributors are based in Cambodia, India, Vietnam and China, where retail outlets are able to source for the hair extensions that they need.


Trusted Virgin Hair Companies


If you are in need of high-quality human hair, then you should get it from Trusted Virgin Hair Companies. This is a company that sells original human hair, whether you want it raw or processed. Both retailers and end users will find human with exceptional quality and a touch of class to use.


As the human hair market expands, it means that there are different types of products that are available for sale. The hair extensions have different grade levels so as to make them affordable for every person. Some of the common grades of human hair include:


  • Raw or Bulk Hair: There are different types of hair in this category, and you can spend between $140 and $335 to get the raw hair. Some of the common types include Standard Double Drawn Vietnamese Hair, Cheap and Standard Single Drawn Vietnamese Hair, Vietnamese Super Thin Hair and Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Remy Hair among others.


  • Machine Weft Hair: These are rather costly, and the price ranges from $345 to $405. The virgin hair companies that deal with the category will offer different colors, shapes, and texture of the hair. Some of the common types include the Standard Double Drawn Remy hair and the Standard Single Drawn Weft Remy Hair.


  • Hair Extensions: This is a dry broad category and has so many different styles including taped, clipped or ringed, depending on the individual taste of the users.


There are many virgin hair companies to meet the demand of the customers in the global market.


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