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Chirurgie Esthétique Aix-en-Provence - Dr. Claire Baptista

Born in Draguignan (Var), I studied medicine at the Faculty of Aix-Marseille II.

After having obtained the assistance of the Internat, major of the surgical promotion in Marseilles, I turned to the plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic.

I had the honor and privilege of being trained by Professors Magalon and then Casanova who run the school of surgical excellence in Marseilles.

To perfect and deepen my skills in cosmetic surgery, I benefited from the teaching of Professor Maurice Mimoun by working with him at the Saint Louis Hospital (Paris) for six months.

I was appointed Head of Clinic - Hospitals Assistant from 2014 to 2016. I then practiced restorative plastic surgery and adult aesthetics at the Hospital de la Conception, pediatric plastic surgery alongside Professor Bardot at the Timone child .

I also realized many guards as senior SOS hand of the Timone.


At the end of these 13 years of training, I moved to Aix-en-Provence to the International Clinic of Aesthetic Surgery and the Axium Clinic.


  • Former Head of Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine of Aix-Marseille II
  • Former Assistant of the Hospitals of Marseille
  • Former Internal Hospitals of Marseille

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