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Sixtina Consulting Group- Soluciones De Performance Management

Sistine Consulting Group was founded in 1997 with the aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution that merges what other consultants supplied separately.

Our challenge is to be able to provide you with the solution that perfectly suits what you need, neither more nor less.

We unite in the same value proposition software tools Measuring Performance (the Performance Management Suite ) with Consulting and Training in implementation to ensure a successful project that will give your company or organization the turn was looking for .

We are producers of solutions, we develop our own software and we have our own philosophy of consulting and training.

Let's go further.

We preach a profound change in business through measurement and analysis.

Used by a growing number of Latin American companies, our solutions allow users to visualize strategies, find opportunities to reduce costs, improve processes and enhance the intellectual capital of the organization among other benefits.

With its headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Representatives in almost all Latin American countries, Sistine Consulting Group has an experienced group possessing extensive experience and training in counseling, development and implementation of these management tools consultants.

Sistine Consulting Group is, therefore, a Consultant in business management, which helps its customers in transforming their way to work and improve.

Our mission is to provide high quality professional services that fully meet the specific needs of each company or organization.

We help our customers improve management to maintain competitiveness and be constantly updated about the best techniques in Performance Management .

We are constantly innovating and growing our exclusive products as well as our team of specialist consultants.

To be in the forefront of technology and services we must accept constant change and that identifies us, we adapt whenever the situation requires and we are always ready to give the customer the best care and solutions, no matter what problem .

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