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Agencedéveloppement Application Mobile - Générateur Application Mobile

Synertic specializes in information and communication technologies with a strong expertise in mobile application development for smartphones, tablets, connected objects since 2010

Thanks to the expertise of its teams, its flexibility, its ability to adapt to the challenges of its customers, Synertic conducts various kinds of projects entrusted by startups, small businesses, institutions or large corporations to international fame.

Capitalizing on a strong experience in mobile solution design, Synertic brings true added value to mobile projects, with complementarity and synergy between the components Communication (design), Business (information system), Software & web design and Securing digital solutions.

Its teams of experts in technology watch , provide relevant advice, both aspects of user experience unique to the mobile, on the technical capabilities of each terminal , on aspects of integration into existing SI , as issues of security .

The purpose of an intrusion and vulnerability test for an organization is to check the security of its information system (Infrastructure, Systems, Networks, Applications, Websites, Intranet, Extranet ...)

SI intrusionIntrusion and vulnerability tests reveal whether the target is potentially vulnerable to attacks (physical access, logic, Internet connection, social engineering, ...). For this test the Synertic team place in the situation of the attacker by applying advanced intrusion and espionage technology .

Depending on the level selected test and contractual terms, the benefit may be based on a database of public and private deeds, detection, operating configuration errors, to the study of Mail headers issued from the target, retrieving so-called confidential information from target personnel (social engineering), as well as the specific design of attack scenarios.

Synertic not only uses existing and proven testing tools from the free and commercial world, but also from the new tools we develop. All our teams follow a permanent technological watch of the world of security and in particular of the last faults, techniques and tools of security.

An audit report including the complete list of discovered vulnerabilities is then provided so that the target can make the necessary corrections.

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