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Robbie Rothenberg And Family’s Strong Connection To Israel

Mr. Rothenberg is a great businessman as well as philanthropist, known for his excellent business sense and work. He is a very much renowned personality currently living in Woodmere, NY with his wife Helene.

Surely, the successes list of the Mr. Rothenberg is really great and we can easily know everything about his amazing achievements which is not a cup of tea of all.  At the same time, he thinks his biggest achievement is his three beautiful and intelligent daughters, who always walk on the path exactly like their parents. Yes, all in Jerusalem and make sure to work for the people without any hassle. They have already showed their love and respect for Israel and always participate in the events and charities so that the lives of the people over there can be improved.

They all are planning to make Aliyah in the near future, which shows how dedicated they all are for the Israel and people belong to the same. Talking more about their daughters, the oldest one is done with her medical practice from the medical school at Sackler School of Medicine and working as a pediatric intern at Assaf HaRofeh Medical Center in Tel Aviv. She is married with the Jeremy Ross, from New Zealand, who is working successfully in finance industry called- Tel Aviv. Both Robbie and his wife often see their daughter in the New Zealand and they all maintain in Jerusalem and Caesaria.

Apart from this, Robbie Rothenberg second daughter is currently serving as a director of strategic initiatives at Aleph Beta Academy, which is an online education program, as well as working as a director of The Rothenberg Charitable Foundation. She is also married and her husband - Marc Friedman is a group manager in an international advertising and marketing company. Mr Rothenberg third daughter is graduating Queens College with a major in mathematics, and plans to attend dental school in the fall of 2017. She is married too and her husband- Josh Prawer, is studying to be a physical therapist.

Talking about Robbie’s beautiful wife - Helene, she is practicing as a real estate attorney in Cedarhurst, N.Y. She has completed her graduated degree in 1984 from Suffolk University Law School in Boston and can say that everybody in the family is the best in studies and got great degrees to make the best careers. Aside their education and work, here we will focus on Mr. Rothenberg religion and his dedication for the same. Well, his strong connection to Israel is completely out of the world and people can easily see him and his family to be volunteered all the time. He has joined various programs, like- Sar-El program, which is very famous and started up with the Israeli Army on a base near Be’er Sheva.

There are other various charity programs, events, and foundations he has opened so that he can easily help the people in need and we can easily see this businessman working for the people. His life is exemplary, thus, better grab more knowledge about this very famous personality.

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