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Getting Complete CCTV Systems For Your Business Or Home

Complete CCTV systems are very important today where business and homeowners are setting them up to monitor their properties. This gives them assurance that everything is in order as they are able to see what has been happening. There complete security camera systems are HD-SDI, AHD, resolution analog, HD-TVI or IP that you can choose from.


The STOiC Technology SAS-1680B Security Camera System


This CCTV security camera has 4 channels of audio with 16 channels in total, offers HD 1080P images, Sony CMOS Sensor, they can be viewed anywhere and has 8 weatherproof cameras. The system comes with 2.4 Megapixel cameras which you can mix and match with HDMI, VGA, and composite video outputs. Seagate 2TB hard drive is installed.


The HDTVI04-4B CCTV Camera System


With the Complete Tru View HD-TVI 1080P System, you get quality images of your surveillance without limitations of IP or HD-SDI. Easy to install and the fact that it can be used together with analog cameras has made this CCTV systems popular. You can choose your capacity as the buyer or opt for the ones with 1TB HDD inclusion.


Enjoy 360 Degree View with your Samsung SRK-30303S  


With the Samsung SRK-3030S which is an NVR system, you do not need a lot of equipment for great coverage. This complete security camera systems comes with a 4CH IP kit consisting of power cable, remote control, mouse, user manual and SNF-8010 5MP fisheye camera. Due to its affordability, it’s a perfect choice for small businesses.


Save Money with Samsung SRK-5120S


For those looking for complete camera security systems for small and medium-sized applications, Samsung SRK-5120S makes a good option. You can set up the system with ease wherever you wish using the mouse. The 16 Channel kit comes with 3TB hard drive and 12 Cameras that can be installed in any location. It’s a cost-effective system that uses PoE NVR for Samsung and WiseNet Lite series.


The SDH-C5100 All-In-One Home Surveillance System


When looking for a surveillance system for your home, consider the SDH-C5100. With the ability to record in night vision up to 82ft, the system comes with 10 IP66 cameras and 2 TB Seagate HDD. The system has a long recording time due to its H.264 compression technology.

Choosing a security camera system can be overwhelming, but budget should not be a problem when you need complete CCTV systems. There are many options to choose from with different prices. Despite them being affordable, they offer cutting edge surveillance technology for the best image quality. Whether you want to monitor the lobby, the elevators, the hallway, your compound or home, there are a range of complete security camera systems you can choose from.


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