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Four Tips For Choosing Hard Money Lenders Jacksonville

Most people use hard money loans to pay for items that have quick turnaround times, like a fix-and-flip purchase. Many bank loans are not used for this, as the property is held for a longer time. The faster turnaround time is with hard money lenders Jacksonville because there is not as much bureaucracy involved. Some hard money lenders Jacksonville can have loans approved and closed in just 72 hours.


The interest rate on the loan will depend on the hard money lenders Jacksonville and the type of loan that you are approved for. There are loans that have no interest if you pay the payments on time each month. There are many hard money lenders Jacksonville, here are tips to help you choose the right lenders.


  1. Shop Local


Depending on hard money lenders Jacksonville, the lender may need to inspect the property before they approve the loan. This means that working with a local lender is the best option because they can inspect property in-person.


  1. Know the Amount Money that You Need from the Loan


There are many types of loans that are available for hard money financing. There are hard money lenders Jacksonville who specialize in commercial properties, investor financing, and foreclosure properties.


When you are applying for the hard money loan, you should be ready to answer questions about the property, the project, and the deadlines that need to be meet, like the closing date. You should have proof of all of this information. You may also be asked about the post-renovation asking price.


  1. The Loan-to-Value Ratio

Before signing any paperwork for a hard money loan, you should know that hard money lenders Jacksonville will use the property value if it was sold today as collateral for your loan. This can mean that you will get much less than a bank because a hard money lender will not lend over 70 percent of property’s value. You may need to speak with the lender beforehand to make sure you understand the ratio that they will be using for your loan.


  1. The Loans Guidelines


Like other types of loans, there are guidelines that have to be followed when you have the loan. These guidelines will be in the contract, so you agree to them when you sign the contract. You should read through them before signing the loan agreement. Some hard money lenders Jacksonville are flexible with their guidelines, but most are not. You still should ask about the guidelines to make sure that you understand them.


Hard money lenders Jacksonville can help you finance purchases that have a quick turn-around time. The amount you are applying for and your credit will affect how fast that you can be approved.


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