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What You Need To Know About Wood As A Decking Material

Choosing the right decking material for your home not only helps create the look you have in mind but also influences the resulting value change. Wood is the oldest decking material known to man. It has been used to build natural looking decks that last for decades. Although there are numerous decking materials available today, including cheaper alternatives, wood still ranks among the most popular decking materials.


Read on to find out more about this popular decking material, to ensure that you end up making an informed choice when the time comes.




Over the years, a variety of decking materials have been introduced. However, wood is still rated as the most popular decking material. This is credited to its numerous benefits as seen by builders and property buyers. One of the main benefits of wood is its natural appeal. Wooden decks are seen to capture a natural appeal that other decking materials don’t.


Wooden decks are also known to be highly durable. This long lasting nature of wood gives great value in the eyes of buyers and property owners. Treated or weather resistant wood lasts for decades, without prematurely deteriorating. Additionally, wood can be recycled making for an eco-friendly decking material.




It is important to note that there are different types of wood used in building decks. Traditional choices include hardwoods such as teak, mahogany, and Ipe as the expensive options; while cedar and redwood are the more affordable alternatives of this decking material. These hardwoods are naturally weather and insect resistant. This means that they can be used to make highly durable decks.


It is also worth noting that pressure treated wood can be used as a decking material as well. The treatment process enhances the insect and weather-resistant properties of the wood, making it a practical choice. The pressure treatment process usually results in a greenish or brown hue in the wood which might be appealing to some. Some of the commonly available pressure treated woods include fir, pine, and hemlock.




When looking to have a wood deck installed, you might want to consider the maintenance implications of the same. This decking material requires minimal maintenance given its durable nature. In most cases, you only have to stain or treat the wood every other year to keep it looking new and fresh. Alternatively, you will need to apply some form of moisture treatment or UV protection if you want the wooden deck to weather to the gray appearance woods takes after a few years of exposure to external weather elements.


The above information highlights everything you need to know about wood as a preferred decking material. You can be sure of making an informed decision when it comes to selecting it as the best decking material for your own project.


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