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Know All Function And Mechanism About The Spy Pen

To get started with using your spy pen you should ensure that it is charged properly and to the optimum. Proper care should be taken about the charging time for the first time which is ideally for three hours only. You will be provided with a USB cable for this purpose. Know about the instructions and follow it properly for proper functionality of the product which can record for about one and a half hours when fully charged. After charging you have to insert the Micro SD memory card into the slot provided and you should be able to see only about one-eighth of an inch when it is properly inserted.

It will not work properly if you see a red light flashing indicating that the memory card is not inserted properly. When you use the pen camera, you should follow some effective tips and tricks for optimum result and clear recording. Use the memory card according to the memory capacity specified which can range from 2 GB to 16 GB even. When the lithium battery is charged and the memory card properly inserted you can use the camera by starting it on with a press at the on/off button which is at the top of the pen. Remember that you will have to hold the button for at least three seconds to either turn it on or off.

There is a status light to indicate that it is powered on and check for it to be sure. When you want to start recording in power on mode, you will have to press the button again for two seconds. The LED light starts to blink to indicate that recording is about to start and go dim while it is in the process. This is necessary so that it does not attract the attention of others while it is recording. Take care of making the minimal and sudden movement of the camera and also keep the camera lens unobstructed at all times for proper and clear recording.

When you want to stop the recording process, you can press the button once quickly, and the LED light will indicate that recording has stopped. You can make multiple recording by toggling between recording to stop recording and then again to recording. You can also take still photos with one quick tap of the button at the top of the pen, and all other mechanisms work just as the recording feature. You can playback the recording or view the photos that you have clicked with some easy but careful steps as well.

Take out the USB port by unscrewing the top of the pen, connect the USB cable to the port and the other end to your computer for playback. Though the speed may not be fast, you can also transfer data from the micro SD card to your computer as well. It might affect the real-time viewing and also affect the quality of the footage as well. It also depends on the availability of the software in the computer.   


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