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Guide On Samsung Security Camera System

We all need to keep our home secured from unwanted entry.  This usually means that you have to sign-up on expensive security service.  Fortunately, with the popularity of wireless security cams, we now have the capability of home surveillance with one touch of the button.  With minimum and flexible installation combines with assortment of security features, Samsung Security Camera System would be one of your ideal choices.


Features of Samsung Security Camera System


Samsung security system is known for its impressive line of security camera.  But there are few aspects where it tends to compromise.  The video normally shoot at 1080p which will provide you crisp and ultra clear images.  When we analyzed the quality of the video at its highest resolution, the detail and the clarity of the image is outstanding, but there are instances where the latency is delayed for only a couple of seconds.  Testing the quality to the lowest resolution will greatly improve the latency, but the clarity of the image will be affected.  It is recommended to set the Samsung Security Camera System to medium setting for a desirable latency and clarity.


Like most of the security camera in the market today, most Samsung surveillance system comes with 30fps.  This only means that you will not encounter a choppy image once you playback the recording.  It also comes with a night vision capacity with an incredible range of 62 feet.  This allows you to see a stunning visual image using the Samsung Security Camera System even in a completely dark environment.


The security camera of Samsung usually has a 2-way audio which allows you to communicate using a mobile app.  You can simply ask your dog to stop barking or get off the sofa even if you are not physically present in the room.  You may also communicate with your kids while you are in the office.  This is also a great way to surprise the intruder and prevent any possible theft.


Most of the IP Camera tends to use cloud storage but not the Samsung Security Camera System.  This means that you will need to pay monthly fee in case you want to have an access to the saved videos.  The camera has a 64GB capacity with sound and motion detection that can preserve the memory of your device, but you will not be able to schedule the recording.


The Samsung Security Camera System offers some of the best wireless security system in the market today.  You are in full control on its resolution which allows you to find the suitable setting and find the balance on latency and clarity.  It also comes with a 1-year warranty and provides the best customer support.  For additional information on the Samsung surveillance system, call Ellipse Security, and they will be able to provide you with the solution that you are looking for.


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