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The Basic Features Of A Digital Video Recorder

A DVR or a digital video recorder is a very popular device, which is used in many homes. Buying a digital video recorder can be confusing because there are many features that they offer. Here are some basic features of a Digital Video Recorder.


  1. Records TV Shows for Later Viewing


The main reason why many people buy and own a digital video recorder is to watch their favorite TV shows. It is common problem that people cannot watch their favorite shows when they are airing on TV. A DVR will record the show as long as the EPG is updated with the right information.


Most DVRs will connect to cable boxes and will copy the information from the cable provider. There will be times that you may have to set times manually, but this happens less often than with a VCR.


  1. You can Increase the Amount Storage


VCRs were very limited by the time length of the tape that you had in at the time. You could extend the time by switching the tape, but you would have to be in the room and watching the VCR to do this.


DVRs use hard drives that you can easily switch for larger ones. The hard drive that comes with the DVR may be small, but the cost of a larger hard drive starts around $50. If you cannot upgrade the hard drive, you can fit hours of shows on it.


  1. Record the Whole Season


If you have ever tried to record a season using a VCR, you most likely know the pain of one or two episodes being missing from the recording. VCRs were also known to record over footage all the time. These problems do not happen with a Digital Video Recorder because nearly all DVRs on the market have settings that allow you to record one episode or the whole season of a TV show. This feature can be called something different like Season Pass or Record Series.


In most cases, you will be asked if you want to record just that episode or the whole season. You can adjust your recording options on most DVRs by selecting the show again and say that you do not want record the show or the episode. When you have the DVR set to record the whole season, you do not have to worry about missing an episode because it will start recording every time the show is on.


There are many other features that a digital video recorder could offer. Adding a DVR to your TV set up is not hard, and it will record your TV programs. There are many great options on the market for a digital video recorder.


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