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Mobile App Design Mistakes To Avoid

There are many elements to mobile app design. Once you have an idea, inspiration and maybe even a name for the app, you most likely will want to start the development of the app. This is where many mistakes in Mobile Apps Design occur. Here are the most common mobile app design mistakes.


  1. Not having a Budget for the Mobile App


Designing and developing an app is not free, it takes time and money. Many people looking to create an app usually forget about this, so they will start the development of the app without having a budget. This leads to major problems because there may not be enough money to continue the development, or there may be features that would have to be cut from the app to save money.


Before starting the development, you should make sure that you have a budget, and that each area of your app has its own set budget. Most times, doing this will help control the amount of spending in each area of your mobile app development.


  1. Tiny Hit Areas


Most people’s index fingers are around 1.5 to 2 cm wide. You should make sure that the hit area on your app is large enough to hit in a hurry. If you need to have a lot of buttons on one screen, you need to make sure that each button is large enough to hit without hitting another by accident. If your buttons are too small or are hard to hit, users are going to use other apps that offer similar features to your app.


  1. Leaving Users Hanging


One of the worst things that you can do is to not tell your users what you are working on and when the update should be released. You should also think about adding a process bar to your app to show your users that the app is still working because long wait times can easily kill an app.


  1. Stealing Ideas and Designs from Other Apps


When you are creating an app, you may be inspired by other apps that already exist. However, you should avoid copying ideas and the design from other apps. Most mobile users have most likely seen or used the app you are using as inspiration, and may call you out on it. However, there are some design elements that work for all apps and are accepted as basic design elements for that type of app. You still should be careful when designing your app, so you avoid being called a knock-off or a thief.


There are many other Mobile Apps Design mistakes that can be made. So, avoiding the most common mistakes is important if you want your app to be successful. Many times, these costly mistakes can be avoided with careful planning and testing.


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