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Kwantu GuestHouse

Guesthouse West coast

Travelling be it for work or vacation, it opens doors to all sort of opportunity and possibilities along the way through the people we meet the different sceneries and places that captivate us and  inspiring us. Situated in the West coast in the mother city One of the most beautiful places in the world lies the kwantu Guesthouse west coast. You can expect to find that we take pride in the quality accommodation and excellent services we offer not just to those joining us on their vacation or business trip but those who are local looking for a place to hold conferences business or pleasure weddings ,birthdays you name it.

Guesthouse West coast Kwantu Guest house provides accommodation that is luxurious and enjoyable being friendly to the budget yet keeping up the standards of the kind of quality services and lodging you would expect. Bringing that warm and homely feeling with the different suites that all have access to the amenities, so enjoy a swim in our sparkling blue pool, read a book in the garden or enjoy a braai, enjoy some tea coffee or make use of the free wifi.

The location of Kwantu guest house make it easy and fast to accessing everything on your ternary list with the white sandy beaches off minutes away, You can enjoy sunset walks, tanning in the sun  and the many other activities such as kite surfing ,Paragliding Canoeing and more. you can also take scenic drives to the many wine farms around that are nestled in along the mountains,Enjoy theme parks,Shopping,the water front,Boat rides and helicopter rides also out at the water front.The amzing public transportation is always on route to just avbout ever you are going which makes it easy for travelers to get around efficiently safely and conveniently.

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