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The Integration of Rural Fashions into Urban Lifestyles

The modern fashion sense of not only just populations across Africa, but also throughout populations across the globe, have been changed, or even ‘warped’ into styles of denim, polyester, and even synthetics as a means to promote global trends. But what happened to good old cotton clothes? Now, cotton clothes are being blended in with a large amount of other materials and chemicals, with the clothes ultimately losing their value, including certain cultural standards. Populations living in rural communities, which still recognize traditional wear, do not approve of these wide-spreading global trends, as they de-value traditional clothing lines across Africa and destroy the African print apparel that has been present in cultures for centuries.

ANTG Ekasi is a company established y creative designers, knowledgeable of African cultures as well as of the effected of the de-valuing of clothes by global fashion trends, and so try to help recover the cultural value of clothes through the addition of African print into modern clothing items. The staff of ANTG Ekasi strive to bring back the traditional African fashion sense, but in a more modern way- they try to incorporate African print into mainstream fashion trends to ultimately create unique clothes and a unique fashion sense across the populations of Africa.

ANTG Ekasi try to add an extra creative flare into their clothing lines by incorporating traditional African print in a stylish way, therefore trying to bring forth a new fashion trend amongst African populations, therefore promoting a more culturally valuable clothing line, conducing to people connecting to their cultural roots. Through this, ANTG Ekasi hope to achieve some fashionable diversity, whilst encouraging the promotion of the individual and unique African cultures, which form a part of nearly every individual living in Africa. ANTG Ekasi try to create cultural diversity and expression through the addition of African print into modern clothing items, and so bring forth a fashionable statement that is unique from one’s being spread throughout the world.

Through the incorporation of African print into modern clothing items, as well as the general re-incorporation of African apparel into societies across Africa, ANTG Ekasi hopes to encourage and promote a culturally-sensitive, respectful and yet, at the same time, eye-catching fashion statements that would promote a trend across African populations and encourage a new and distinct fashion sense. In a way, ANTG Ekasi want to bring back the leopard print clothing trend, but without the detriment and disrespect that Jersey Shore have given it.


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