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The Truth About PT. Semesta Eltrindo Pura Is About To Be Revealed

Purifying Transformer Oil


According to fieldwork requirement, we can be easily moved to any work point by traction. It is especially suitable for purifying transformer oil which locates in fields. This machine can seriously recover transformer oil.

The treated transformer oil can reuse again in transformer.


We have been experts in the oil purifying industry for more than 30 years.



– Insulating oil purification

– Insulating liquid replacement

– Insulating oil filtering

– and etc.


HV, LV Switchgears, Circuit Breakers, MCC and Relays

We are offering our services for on-site maintenance and repair of power transformers, circuit breakers, HV Switchgears, LV Switchgears, MCC and Relays, PT.SEP specializes in providing the most advanced switchgear products. Our quality replacement switchgear parts are available quickly for any emergency.


  1. Semesta Eltrindo Pura is uniquely able to service customers at their facilities. We can provide heavy onsite installation, testing and start-up services, and disaster and recovery operations.


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