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Cape Town has become one of the most popular cities of the world, attracting numerous tourists, businessmen and prospective students. This is due to the fact that not only Cape Town is an absolutely beautiful city, but also because, in comparison to most countries, Cape Town is relatively affordable in terms of education, business establishment and residences. Especially for prospective students looking to transfer or study in cape Town, it is a good idea to visit the city and to experience life in the city first-hand before deciding to invest in this city.

To help with this first-hand experience, there are numerous guesthouses welcoming both tourists and prospective businessmen and students, willing to accommodate them and help them see the city in its best lights. But the problem here is that most guesthouses tend to over-charge their guests based on either location or luxury level, trying to make as much profit as possible from accommodating the guests. There is a bright side though- there are guesthouses that can provide you with the same level of luxury, the same comfortable accommodation and catering, and perhaps an even better service, for a much more affordable price.

If you are looking to come to Cape Town and are on a limited budget, it is important to look for the best options of guesthouses to choose from and not settle on the very first one found. Giving yourself options of guesthouses, gives you a choice of guesthouses that would be both affordable and provide you with a high level of service and comfort for the duration of your stay. You would also see their locations in respect to your destinations, as well as their reviews- all of which are very important before deciding on a guesthouse or a hotel to stay at. Most people unfamiliar with Cape Town would think to consider a guesthouse or a hotel in the city centre, but that might not be the most convenient of locations and may not be the cheapest and affordable of options. Instead, I recommend you explore outside of Cape Town’s city centre, looking at surrounding areas, where guesthouses could be just as luxurious, more affordable, and yet still just as, if not more, conveniently located in respect of your destinations. Explore some of the guesthouses in Brackenfell or even guesthouses in Bellville for some convenient and affordable options.

26 on Zinnia Guesthouse is a guesthouse that promotes luxury for less, encouraging guests to look for guesthouses just outside of Cape Town’s city centre, expanding their outlook and horizons, and finding an opportunity to experience a quieter and spacious side of Cape Town- a more residential area, away from the busy and chaotic city life. 26 on Zinnia Guesthouse provides their guests with ultimate comfort, immaculate décor of their interior, as well as providing their guests with up-scale breakfast and dining options to every preference and palate.

26 on Zinnia Guesthouse pride themselves on their convenient location. They are one of the most luxurious guesthouses in Brackenfell, as well as guesthouses in Bellville, who are located within close proximity to main roads to have easy access to the city centre and the busy hubs of the city life, but still quiet and remote enough to experience the calm atmosphere of the suburbs. They are located close enough to shopping centres to accommodate to their guests every shopping need, and relatively close to numerous collages and schools for their guests to explore.

26 on Zinnia Guesthouse sees through not only their guests’ comfort, but also ensures their safety and security. They have a large fence surrounding the guesthouse, as well as employing cameras and guards to always be on a lookout for you and your family, as well as your cars if you decide to rent. Your safety is a priority, and you will always be looked after while staying at the guesthouse. The guesthouse’s staff is also knowledgeable enough to provide you with numerous options of transport, or providing you with more points of interest to explore during your stay in Cape Town- they provide you with ultimate mobility to ensure a worthwhile and impactful visit to this beautiful city. And most importantly, this guesthouse will always ensure an amazing stay to their visitors, without exceeding their designated budget.

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26 on Zinnia Guesthouse

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African Fashion And Individualism In Mainstream Society

With an Americanized society taking over the majority of Africa through mass media, TV shows and programmes, news and even the internet, only the remote towns of Africa seem unaffected and able to preserve their culture and traditions without being completely influenced to change their lifestyles and adapting to accommodate this Western culture. This Western culture has, in fact, made its impact in large cities across Africa, instilling new lifestyles, new values as well as a new fashion sense and styles across the populations, thereby instilling a new ‘norm’ amongst society. This has forced individuals living in these affected societies to push their personal cultures and traditions aside in order to blend in with the crowd of people, who are changing their ways of being to adapt to this newly portrayed ‘norm’.

This is quite sad, though. So many cultures and traditions have been lost throughout the generations due to this need to adapt to a more Westernized culture. With this loss of culture, there have also been losses of languages, forgotten roots, and traditional African clothing have been put aside to blend in to a new culture of branded clothing and jeans.

ANTG Ekasi has considered all of these meaningful and detrimental impacts of Westernized cultures on African cultures, and have slowly been trying to restore the true meaning of culture amongst African populations. They have been slowly trying to integrate traditional African print apparel and African outfits, in hopes of promoting a healthier and accepting attitude in society towards traditional African attire.

ANTG Ekasi have established themselves with the motivation to remind African societies of the value of their cultures and, ultimately, the cultures’ impacts on their identities, which have been forced to be put on the side-lines. They try to promote a society with strong cultural values, and to separate individuals from the influenced mainstream society.

ANTG Ekasi is highly knowledgeable in different cultures and their unique styles of clothing, and so try and help each and every client that walks through their doors to bring out a side to them that expresses their unique individualities whilst promoting their own unique cultures through clothing. They try promote confidence amongst people integrated into mainstream society through integrating African print apparel into modern clothing and fashions, so individuals do not necessarily stand out above the crowd, but are still unique in the sense of promoting their individual unique cultures without completely falling subject to the Westernized influence of fashion.

Fashion doesn’t have to necessarily be in line with a particular designer or in line with a particular culture- it is more of an individualized statement of personality and an expression of one’s personality, their background, and ultimately their cultural roots. Most people do not realize this, and so lose themselves to the influences of someone else’s fashion sense. ANTG Ekasi tries to remove individuals from influential patterns, and instead, allow them to re-discover themselves and their own unique styles and fashionable clothing lines through the expressing their own unique cultures and personalities created through those cultures.

ANTG Ekasi Bags and Apparel

‘For the love of fashion, design and colour’



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Best Service to Guarantee Long Periods of Being Completely Problem-Free

Are you looking forward towards moving and selling your current property? Are you looking forward towards improving your current home and possibly building on to it? Or maybe are you looking to start your own business or building on to your current business premises?

In each of these scenarios, electrical, plumbing and pest concerns have to be considered and eliminated before proceeding towards your ultimate goal. So, therefore, for all the above mentioned concerns to be identified and eradicated, highly trained and knowledgeable professionals have to be brought in on site and allowed the opportunity to share their expertise with you- their clients.

If you are based in Cape Town and are in need of this expertise and professionalism, then Technobugs is your ultimate first choice in highly trained companies, who will be able to provide you with thorough electrical inspections in Cape Town, as well as with high quality plumbing inspections in Cape Town, and provide you with a thorough report of all possible concerns and hazards, as well as ways to proceed to eliminate these potential problems, and guarantee their clients a safe and problem-free environment for living and working in.

Technobugs provide their high quality electrical inspections in Cape Town to any client that is in need of their professional expertise and services. They will provide their clients with a thorough inspection, paying close attention to smallest of details, ensuring that no electrical fault or hazard is left unnoticed and unrecorded. Maintaining their professional attitude in order to provide a high quality service to clients is a priority to Technobugs, and so ensure that their team is always highly skilled, highly equipped and have a high morale and attitude in order to provide the best quality and standards of service to their clients, making sure that the clients’ investments in their business is one that is worth every penny and is one that guarantees long-term problem-free living and operation within particular spaces.

Technobugs’ plumbing inspections in Cape Town do not veer far off the same path and the same attitude as their electrical inspections, as the highly trained team is enforced in the same manner and is trained to provide the most thorough of services to their clients, ensuring that no potential hazard is left unnoticed or disregarded, and that every potential problem is recorded and is fixed to ensure long-term periods of problem-free living and operations within particular spaces and sites that they have inspected.

Technobugs are motivated to perform the best quality of service, within a reasonable amount of time, and within the clients’ budgets to ensure that their services are both stand-out and are efficient and cost-effective, especially in the long-run. They provide their services with the hopes that clients see their attitude being towards quality, and not profit-oriented, allowing clients to return back to them, looking for a service unique from that of its competitors.


Techno-Bugs Central

‘ driven to deliver the best possible service at all times’



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One’s ides about potential construction and building plans, landscaping designs and one’s visions towards potential success of their ideas are important aspects that drive us towards achieving those visions and dreams, and making them a reality, with the hopes of achieving a successful life and career. These visons and dreams, though, cannot be achieved by one person alone- they require a knowledgeable and experienced set of hands that would understand these visions, and carry forth the ideas into reality at a reasonably affordable price for their service.

GI-Group is an established company who prioritize themselves on exactly that- their abilities to understand others’ ideas and visions towards a potential career or contribution to society, help them determine realistic expectations, monetary amounts and impacts of their visions, and help carry out these visions and dreams to truly make them a reality.

GI-Group is highly skilled and knowledgeable in providing their clients with Civilengineering Contractors, Building Contractors, as well as Landscaping Contractors, to really place them in the category of being one of the best and most reliable construction companies in South Africa. They are available to provide their clients with all the potential expertise, knowledge and advice they would need to start construction, and finish within a time-efficient frame, in order to help their clients kick-start their dreams as soon as possible.

Whether your dreams are to build the newest modern shopping centre, or to build a new office block, or even to build a new museum- GI-Group will help provide you with the best possible service at the most affordable of prices. GI-Group is empathetic towards their clients’ costs and investments, and know exactly how costly construction projects may be. But they are determined to help their clients’ dreams a reality, and so are motivated to provide their services at the best possible pace, and at the best possible price. GI-Group’s team of Construction Contractors and Building Contractors approach each and every client with the attitude of providing them with help and assistance, paying little attention to making a profit or trying to make as much income flow into their own business.

GI-Group provide all their clients with an attitude of acceptance and determination, all of which they try to show through their work. This attitude is what drives the team at GI-Group and ultimately drives their clients’ will to succeed in any project or vision they put their minds to.


“Experience counts and when it comes to our knowledge and our skills, you can count on the GI Group Team to deliver your project on budget and on time”

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Re-cycling Made Modern, Fashionable and Affordable

Re-upholstery has become a big point of interest amongst the general public, especially within recent years as re-cycling and re-use of old items has become more and more emphasized, instilled and promoted. The general public has been led to recognize the importance of re-using personal items instead of simply disposing of them, which would potentially result to additional costs as the items disposed of have to be replaced, but which would also result in the contribution to overall levels of pollution to the environment, as the objects, which could be re-used, are now being thrown away and left to rot.

Upholstery Works recognizes and chooses to side with the ideology of re-using personal furniture items through ‘re-freshing’ or ‘re-designing’ them in order to make old items look as good as new for a third of the price of acquiring a new piece of furniture. They try to encourage more and more people to adopt a similar mind-frame and choose to rather renew their personal items instead of just disposing of them, and replacing the previously owned items with new ones.

Upholstery Works focuses on the re-upholstery of furniture, and, through this, encourages individuals to choose to re-upholster their owned furniture to make it look as good as new, rather than throwing them away. Upholstery Works have some of the best Upholstery Fabricsin Cape Town with a wide variety for their clients to choose from. They ensure high standards of work provided to their clients, accompanying the high quality service with material quality used in re-upholstery of clients’ furniture.

Re-upholstery, as well as upholstery as a whole, has been widely promoted by Upholstery Works through their caring attitude and expertise, and have received great success and recognition within the field as upholding the reputation of being one of the best. They have gained and maintained a reputation of not only being reliable upholstery suppliers in CapeTown, but have become a well-established source of thorough and trustworthy service to all their clients. They have never left clients disappointed, and instead have provided their client with professionalism, ensuring the attitude of care is conveyed to clients.

Upholstery Works supports and promotes a good, high morale amongst the workers on their team, so that that morale is transferred into the high quality of service that they provide to clients. The team is knowledgeable, highly-skilled and have outstanding people-skills in order to hear out each and every client that walks through their doors, and deliver upon the expectations and desires of clients for their furniture.

Upholstery Works is the Upholstery Supplier In Cape Town to be on a lookout for if you are looking to invest in re-modelling your furniture items, and are not willing to instead spend double, if not triple, the amount of money buying new furniture from expensive stores. Rather invest your money in re-using old items of furniture in an affordable, but yet modern and fashionable manner, ultimately achieving your goal of re-modelling your home whilst saving you time and money.

Upholstery Works

' we are proud of the achievements we have made in providing our clients with top of the range manufactured furniture



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Dental hygiene is a crucial part of maintaining health and ensuring overall well-being of each and every individual. But, with all this said, one cannot predict the incidences that could happen at any point in time and could cause damage to one’s teeth, could decrease dental health and could even potentially result in immense amounts of pain, causing one to desperately seek out a dentist to help treat your current dental condition or injury.

Looking for a dentist in extreme situations, such as emergencies, such as a sudden tooth injury or a loose denture, is quite difficult as most dentist appointments are booked months in advance. Finding a Dentist who would be compassionate enough to move his or her priorities aside to accommodate and help you is very unique and very rare, so one would either need good connections or references, or would need to have a reliable doctor beforehand who would help in any emergency situation.

If you are looking for a Dentist In Cape Town who would be reliable, trustworthy and compassionate enough to accommodate you in extreme times of need, as well as provide you with the best possible service on short notice, then contact Century Dental Centre to meet the dentist and his team of knowledgeable nurses and assistants. Get to know them, and see their work ethic and attitude for yourself, and you will be sure to know that your teeth and dental well-being is in good hands, and will always be taken care of, even in extreme moments.

Century Dental Centre are knowledgeable and skilled to treat any condition, emergency or not, that could potentially arise, and are aware of all the medical procedures and expectations one may have to talk them through the procedure and help you back towards pain-free dental health. They provide you with all the medical procedures to ensure that you are taken care of and that you are in good health, leaving any payment procedures for last and making sure that payments are the least of your worries. They even provide you with numerous payment plans, options and loans in order to ensure that you are healthy and taken care of, without the stress of paying for your treatment.

Finding a dentist that truly cares about your health and well-being, and one that would accommodate you at any time in emergency situations is extremely difficult. But Century Dental Centre is one of the dental practices that respects their clients, cares for them enough, and is empathetic towards both their health and their budget, and so go through extreme measures and great lengths in order to ensure that their patients are taken care of to the best quality of medical procedures, as well as try to ensure that their patientsremain as pain-free and as stress-free as possible.


Century Dental Centre

' giving you the opportunity to have the medical procedure you have always wanted, when you want it'

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Non-Ferrous Castings - Quanli Machinery Mould

Ningbo quanli machinery mould co.,ltd was established in 2005.which is the special enterprise on the casting tooling making,including the process design,tooling development,tooling making with its good service of the national high and new technology industry,the company owned 49500M2 Now it has 360 employees in the company.the number of design and manufacture technicians has reached 75.36 of them are intermediate or senior engineers.

Contact Us:

Ningbo Quanli Machinery Mould Co.,Ltd

Add: Jingxing Road, Binhai Industrial Park, Xiangshan, Zhejiang Province

Tel: +86-574-659123332

Fax: +86-574-659123332

Phone: +86 15005749635


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A big celebration, such as a birthday, anniversary or a wedding, is a memorable occasion, shared with family and close friends- a day that should be considered special and unique, and one that adds value and depth to family stories and photo albums. A celebration such as this requires a lot of tedious, extensive planning, and ultimately could be very costly. Families, couples and individuals looking forward to such a grand occasion require a trustworthy extra set of hands to put matters into, that would be able to look into menial tasks that could otherwise spoil your expectations of the special day.

When looking to celebrate the amazing occasion, there are numerous Catering Companies In cape Town to choose from. Considering the high level of uniqueness of the celebration to both you and your family, you need to choose carefully and decide wisely before trusting a catering company with the preparation for your special day.

There are specific qualities in catering companies to be on a lookout for that would have the potential to be trustworthy enough to be able to handle your event and not to disappoint.

These qualities are:

Firstly, the quality to be on a lookout for is experience- the time a catering company has spent in the field and in practice. Normally, the longer the company has been in operation, the more knowledgeable, experienced, and professional they will be. Also, the longer the company has been in operation, the more connections and good relationships they would have established with other companies that could supply provisions to your special day. A Catering Company In Cape Town with over 10 years of experience is Out of This Planet Catering, who has acquired vast amount of knowledge and skills in regards to high quality of service to customers and customer satisfaction, as well as has established numerous connections with other suppliers to truly ensure a grand and memorable celebration for you and your family.

Secondly, a catering company’s staff has to be highly trained and patient, as well as being able to pick up on smallest details of their clients’ views and desires for the celebration. Being able to hear what the clients wants and to be able to not only meet, but exceed their expectations truly makes the catering company stand out above its competitors. It’s that dedication to a high quality service and attention to detail that has allowed Out of this Planet Catering to become one of the highest rated catering companies in Cape Town, exceeding all their clients’ expectations, and paying particular attention to every detail to ensure the celebration is met in terms of the clients’ envisions for it. The staff is both knowledgeable and creative, and so are able to understand the clients when they describe the celebration to them. 

And lastly, quality over quantity really does go a long way in terms of customer satisfaction, not only in large companies, but in small ones as well. Being able to provide an absolutely outstanding service, exceeding clients’ expectations, and still sticking within budget requires some skill, good connections and some knowledge of the field- and this is what Out of This Planet Catering provides. They ensure a grand and memorable celebration, designed and tweaked up to the smallest details, while still sticking to the clients’ budgets. Their abilities to be both empathetic and sympathetic towards their clients’ costs is what truly puts the cherry on top for this company, in comparison to many catering companies in Cape Town, who mostly are focused on making a profit.

If you are looking for someone to provide event catering in Cape Town or provide you with private party catering, then Out of This Planet catering is definitely one that meets all of the above qualities to make it a trustworthy and reliable company to trust your grand and memorable event with.


Out of this Planet Catering

‘With over 10 years of experience with regards to catering for events’

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Liposomal Vitamin C Reviews To Influence Your Shopping

When it comes to have the best health and wellness, there are various things you can try out. But, we should also need to know that not all the things are safe to our body. Yes, here we will talk about Liposomal Vitamin C, which is very famous and if you are looking to have a great health, wellness and the best results, you should need to know more about the same and just buy it out.

One should definitely think about to use the same as it is very important in transforming fats from food into energy and help your body to grow. With the help of the Vitamin C, it really helps in supporting the body to metabolize fats & proteins into useable energy and it doesn’t store it in the body at all. Not only this, with the help of the same it is also utilized by the body so that the proper absorption the mineral iron from foods can be done by your body for more benefits.

The same thing is known for other various things, like- highest available absorption of the vitamin c, fast acting results, boost your immune system, 100% satisfaction and peace of mind. If you are looking for the same, you better think about to go with the suggested source-, and everything you will find over there to give you a great boost. will give you the best support in letting know more about the same product and it will surely give you a great guidance. Yes, you should think about to check out the same link, where you will find out the expert reviews as well as you can check out the other people reviews, who have used the same product and very much impressed by checking out the results. The same source is all about the authentic and great reviews which you should definitely think about to know so that you can easily make up the best decision.

Also, if you are very much interested to know more about Altrient C LivOnLabs Witamina C Liposomalna 30x1000mg, you better check out and you will surely get great support to get complete information about its direction to use, why and when to take along with the other details. From its prices to where to buy the same and how, you will get a complete idea, which will surely give you a great help and support.

Apart from this, in making your decision perfect and if you have any kind of doubt, you should think about to check everything beforehand by visiting to the suggested link. Using true, authentic and valuable reviews, you can easily assure to have the best possible results, which sometimes look unbelievable and better to move ahead. If you are very much interested to know more about Liposomal Vitamin C and would like to check whether it is good for you or not, you should definitely visit to the suggested source and everything will be known to you.




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How To Find The Best Broker For Your Property? An Ultimate Guide

When it comes to deal with the buying and selling of a property, it is very much needed to have a great support of a knowledgeable and responsible dealer who can assure you to have the best results. Well, you can’t find the same using easy mode at all and you will be required to put a lot of research work, efforts and time do so.

In order to get the best property help and suggestions, you should need to find a right realtor so that everything is done without any fail. However, you should know the fact that in order to get right property, rather than searching property, you should care to search out the best realtor and that should be done by you only.

In order to find the right one, you can take the best help and support from your family members, relatives and close friends so that they can offer you the best suggestions by their past experiences. They can be your true well wishers and you can really expect to go to their suggestions. Mr. Robert Rothenberg a very famous realtor also gives various advices on finding right realtor and it can easily be possible if you are using intelligent ways to find them up. You should need to go with the policy of research, analysis, and compare so that the best results can easily be expected without any fail.

Apart from this, you can carry on with the research process over the net and this will definitely give you a huge number of suggestions, which you need to understand in order to get the best help and support. Yes, you should think about to do it all by your own and check what realtor is the best for you to give you the best property. It will be good if you plan to pick up the registered and professional realtor only. Yes, they are the one, known for doing their work with honest and their business senses and methodologies are legitimate. Yes, working with them you will surely get a great sense of relief that you are with the best property dealer who just wants your profit not him.

Apart from this, you should think about check the experience level and market reputation of the same realtor, which you can easily find while communicating with them as well as over the net. You can also care to check the various reviews posted by his clients to check what exactly their words are and whether he is good for you or not. Moreover, it will be good if you discuss your overall requirements and budget so that you can know what they have to offer you and exactly what they can do for you to crack the deal in the best possible manner.

Their charges, formalities, plan of actions and other lots of things you should need to understand in advance and get ready to have a fair deal without any hassle.

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