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Venomous And Non-Venomous Snakes

Snakes are scary creatures that most people will want to avoid. There are two types of snakes. We have the venomous snakes, and then there are the non-venomous snakes.  It is important to know the characteristics of each of the two so that you can know what to do in case you encounter one of them. Note that there are no descriptive characteristics that will help you know which snake is venomous and which other is not. You have to know them very well to be able to determine the snake type. Even if you are dealing with the non-venomous snakes, it is important you avoid handling a snake and instead call the Snake Removal expert. He will be able to assist you in getting rid of these dangerous reptiles because he has good skills required for the job and can handle this well.


The Non-Venomous Snakes


These are snakes that will bite just like the other snakes. Note that the snakes will strike back when they feel their privacy has been invaded. Just like any other creature, this is a natural defensive mechanism, and the snakes apply it out of the fear they feel they are exposed to. Non-venomous snakes will bite you, but they will not produce venom that hurts you. Under the non-venomous snakes, we have the clinically non-venomous snakes.  These include the hognose snakes, the garter snakes and also the rat snake. These snakes will inject venom that has a mild effect and hence you need to attend to the bite as soon as you identify that you have been bitten. Therefore, you need to call the snake removal expert whenever you see these snakes. He will be able to handle them without causing any harm to them.


The Truly non-venomous snakes include the Boas, the King Snakes, The Python and also the Bullsnakes. These snakes will bite you but the only effect they will have is that they might transfer the bacteria in them to your skin and so you need to be treated immediately. Some people think they can handle these snakes because they will not have the venom. However, this is wrong since a snake bite can take longer to get healed. Therefore, you should call snake removal expert to assist in relocating the snakes.

Venomous Snakes


These are the snakes you will find in rivers, and they are the most dangerous snakes. If the venomous snake bites you, you might have some minutes only left to live. Therefore you should ask for help as soon as possible, and if there are paramedics, they should be called immediately. The patient should not move a lot to avoid circulation of blood which leads to quick death. The snakes that belong to this classification include the copperhead snake, the cottonmouth snake and the Inland Taipan which is the deadliest snake. Whenever you come across these snakes, you should not even dare to stay near. Call the snake removal expert to help you get rid of the snake.


If you are bitten by a snake, the first action should be to ask for help. Don’t chase the snake but call the doctors so as to get you treated as soon as possible.

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