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The Mission Of Operating A Medical Trauma Surgery Facility In Mosul, Iraq

In almost an unbelievable story of solidarity, a unification of efforts was made, it involved the Iraqi Military, the Kurdish authorities, the civilian militia, Arabic NGOs and international Organizations, all collaborating to restore faith in humanity, faith that was shook on October 2016, when a terrorist group calling themselves the Islamic State, or ISIS, wedged a war against humanity, and took an oath not to rest before seeing the progress of 7000 years of human civilization comes undone. They took over a major part of northern Iraq, leaving nothing but destruction everywhere.

The collaboration up-mentioned was sworn to fight ISIS, and NGOs are a part of this collaboration, NGOs such as the Al Badie Group of companies, where the efforts of men such as its Vice President Mr. Khaled Al Badie were embodied in the Aspen Medical Mission to Mosul.

The mission was launched in the aftermath of the events of March 2017, when the humanitarian conditions in norther Iraq reached a critical condition, and the people in charge of Aspen Medical saw that this is the time to intervene, this is when Mr. Khaled Al Badie and the company he represents were thrilled to aid the Aspen Medical to operate their project. Especially when Aspen Medical chose its sister company Abu Dhabi Uniteam to operate the mission, a company that Al Badie Group owns 51% of which facilitated the application of Mr. Khaled Al Badie experience.

On March 24 2017, this collaboration ledto a 48-bed trauma field hospital in Upper Athba, Mosul, Iraq, specialized in Trauma Surgery Treatment, equipped with a 20-bed maternal facility, thus solving the need to transport injured to Arbil, saving the injured a 4-hour trip that they were unlikely to survive.

On the 23rd of April, a second facility was opened in Hamam Al Alil, Mosul, Iraq with similar services, this facility was situated near a UNHCR camp with 70,000 refugees.

“That specific Mission of Aspen Medical, AD Uniteam, and Al Badie Group will forever have a special place in my heart” says Mr. Khaled Al Badie, commenting on the success of the facilities in scoring a mortality rate lesser than 4%, successfully treating cases of injuries from house collapse, premature births, bone fractures, etc... successfully managing to overcome overcrowding due to referrals from other area.

AboutMr. Khaled Al Badie:

Khaled Mohammed Bin Juan AL Badie, vice president of Al Badie Group of companies, he is a 51% shareholders of UniTeam on the behalf of the Al Badie Group.

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