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Things To Do In Kfardebian

Lebanon has a lot of things to offer. Amongst the many tourist destinations, we are going to focus on two exotic cities, Byblos and Kfardebian. Although there is no specific reasons why we only picked these two cities, we are trying to give you different perspective of the cities in Lebanon. Not to mention that both cities have tons of tourist attractions that you can enjoy with your friend when you visit Lebanon.


Byblos is one of the most interesting cities in Lebanon. It has been receiving a lot of locals and tourists on yearly basis. The city has good climate all times so that it is possible to visit this anytime you want. Even better, when you come in low season, you will be able to enjoy all the attractions it offers without being bumped into strangers a lot.

Here are the Byblos attractions that you can enjoy with your entourage:

Saint John-Marc Cathedral

This cathedral was initially built for a Baptist church necessity in 1115 AD by the crusaders. This is the place dedicated to Saint John-Mark who is believed to be the first one to support the Christianity in the Byblos city. The church compiles the best of the Roman-style arches. The authenticity of the Roman influence is indeed positive value to be aspired by the visitors.

Byblos Harbour

Need a place and time to relax? Consider visiting Byblos Harbour to do so.  Take a stroll in the Byblos Harbour and feel the energy surrounding you. This harbor was once a hub for the Phoenician trade and cultural exchange. Local fishermen and tourists have been flocking the place from year to year. The good thing here is that you can visit this place anytime you want all-year round.

Crusader Castle

The amazing castle was built by the Crusaders back then in the 12th century. The castle showcases the monument which is the part of the city's distinct historical elements. The castle is the core of the Byblos cultures. It is influenced by the Roman, Phoenician and Egyptian architecture. So, no wonder that you will be amazed at such incredible views of the Crusader Castle. It has too much marvel to be missed.

Byblos Wax Museum

This wax museum is not too large but important to be visited. It has been both locals and tourists amazing place for years. Imagine that you and your entourage have the chance to walk through the narrow halls on the designated trp to the Phoenician city and you will be wowed with how the locals maintain the place really well. The scenes of the museums procure the old to modern times of Phoenician.


Byblos seafood will pamper your appetite to the extent that you want to extend your days to stay in Byblos. If walking by the sea is not simply enough for you, wrap your journey with the delicious local cuisine. The prominent restaurant to check is the Bab El Mina, it is popular because of its seafood menu. For more relaxing experience, consider getting a meal in the Cafe Tournesol. Both restaurants also offer you the best sea views to see.

Old Souk

It is definitely a place that you want to visit in Byblos since it offers a lot of things to enjoy from the shopping experience, exquisite cafes, and great city atmosphere. It is one of the things to do in Byblos that you need to note. It is also the essential part of visit Byblos since you may want to spend the entire day to explore the city’s past and current inhabitants.


Kfardebian is one of the best places to relax in Lebanon. You can enjoy many Kfardebian Attractions from its mountain resort and spa, foods, history, festivals, and the party. It is a perfect destination for folks with group or family.

The Mountain Resort and Spa

Mzaar is by far the most renowned mountain resort and spa of the Kfardebian. It has around 80 km of ski tracks. It is located just above the village of Ouyoun El Simane in Kfardebian. There are around 20,000 skiers who flock the area per hour. So, you can imagine how great it an is when skiing there. There are three main domains of the mountain resort and spa, the Refuge, Wardeh, and Junction. It is the Kfardebian Attraction that you don’t want to miss.

Enjoy the resort

Still in Mzaar, some of you probably rather enjoy the afternoon and morning by sipping a hot cup of chocolate or coffee. Then warm yourself up by a crackling fire, accompanied by someone special or group of friends. You can do this on the Refuge Terrace.Les Thermes du Mzaar is one of the things you want to do too. It is a specialty massage which will help you to relax and rejuvenate. You will also feel the experience of the local. Make sure to book the service in advance since it is highly demanded by other tourists too.

Mouthwatering Dishes

Kfardebian has ample amount of delicacies that you can try. One of the nicest things to do in Kfardebian is to enjoy the mouthwatering saj stations, the great restaurants to keep you fit and well. Or, you can also try the La Cabane, a restaurant which focuses on local dishes. Enjoy your time to try some exquisite Lebanese menus. You won’t regret it.


Outdoors lovers? Kfardebian also has interesting offers for you. There are many adventures that you can have from the picnic to outdoor barbecue with your group of friends. The skiing region is also known for some extreme sports besides skiing like snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. The good thing here is that you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. The rest of the year, you can also do mountain hiking, climbing, paragliding, horse riding, rappelling, and many more.


We’ve mentioned before about the festivals in Kfardebian.  Don’t miss the Mzaar Winter festival which is probably the best event that you can enjoy in this city. It is usually scheduled in the February. you can consider visiting Lebanon country in this month since you will be enjoying abundant amount of Mzaar winter festivals. Make sure that you check their events calendar so that you won’t miss any of the event.

The Historical Site

Kfardebian also offers many astonishing historical sites and landmarks that are worth visiting and exploring. The two steep valleys named Nebaa el-Laban and Nebaa el-Assal are the two things that you want to visit. The area offers the great protected columns, altars, temples, as well as tombs. Not to mention that you can witness the past by seeing the Roman temple there.


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