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The Anti-Mainstream Taiwan Attractions In 2018

If you are planning to go to Asia but have no idea about the country or destinations that you want to visit, you have come to the right page. We have the good list for you about the places to visit in Asia.

Asia has been known to be prevalent for the exotic beauty, landscapes, cosmopolitan, beautiful flora, and fauna, as well as mouthwatering dishes. There is nothing like what offered by Asian countries. It is the home of the massive amount of natural beauties. If you are looking for something exotic this year, Asia attractions are definitely coming up as the most recommended holiday for you and your family.

Find out the Things to do in Asia by reading this review until the finish. You won’t regret it.



Whether you have been in India or not before, chances are there are some things to do in India that you never tried before. Let’s find out if you are not familiar with some of them.

Cooking Class in India

More and more tourists are coming to India not only to see Taj Mahal. If you are looking for something new in India Attractions, then learning how to cook Indian cuisines is definitely an anti-mainstream idea for you. You might be a foodie and want to make your own chapati at home. Why not taking short cooking classes in India? It does not matter whether you have experience in cooking or not, you will find the classes that will meet your needs and requirements.


National Park Wildlife


In India itself, there are 100 of national parks and 450 wildlife reservations in India. You can imagine how much time you must need to spare to finish all the things in India. You might not have the idea. Each national park is unique given the facts that India has massive amounts of wildlife and scenery. Many parks also focus on different type of wildlife.

Historical Views - Taj Mahal, India.


Historical attractions have never been dull when you are looking for tourist places in india. You will enjoy literally hundreds of historical buildings and structures in India. One of the most crucial structures is Taj Mahal. The historical heritage features the religions, empires and rules which are the marks of India history.

Adventure Travel

For adventurers and explorers, India has such wide array of adventurous experiences. One of the most prominent adventures is Himalaya. However, there are also other adventurous things that you can enjoy in India such as paragliding, water rafting, as well as hot air ballooning.

Taj Lake Palace Hotel

Also consider to visit Taj Lake Palace Hotel to aspire the architecture views while you enjoy your accomodations in this luxury hotel. You can stay for a while and enjoy your escape time with family and friends.


Thailand is other great country in Asia. It is the vibrant South-East Asian nation which you will regret to miss. Here are the Thailand tourism destinations that you could consider.

Grand Palace

It is considered as one of the most fascinating destinations in Bangkok, Thailand. While you are in the Grand Palace, take your time to visit Emerald Buddha and nearby Wat Pho, which is home to the reclining Buddha statue in Thailand.

In the Grand Palace, you could also consider visiting Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn. It is the stunning and sacred temple. You will be wowed with the details of the structure when you reach the top of the temple. However, it comes with local rules which you need to follow to avoid any offensive gestures toward local customs.

Golden Triangle

Consider this place to be added to your Things To Do In Thailand. The Golden Triangle is where the Burma, Laos and Thailand territories meet. It stands on the river bank. You can look across the Burma or Myanmar and Laos. In this area, you will find notable photographic objects such as Buddha and elephant statues. There are also market stalls in which you could purchase any items for your daily needs or souvenirs to take home with you.

Elephant Tour or Ride

The elephant experience is definitely something that you shouldn’t miss in Thailand.  The elephant is considered as the most important animal in Thailand because it is a national symbol. There are many good experiences of an elephant that you can find in Thailand. Make sure you ask your guide to get you to the fascinating one.



Visiting Thailand won’t be completed without participating in festivals in Thailand. Here the travelers are welcome to join in the local events and festivals. It is a great way to get closer to Thailand local customs and traditions.

If you are coming this November, then you are very lucky. You will be able to see and join the events called as Loi Krathong. Meanwhile, you can enjoy Songkran or Thai New Year water festival in April.

Floating markets

It is one of the most iconic Thailand travel elements. Pick a market and get your best bargains on the water.


You will see a lot of things to do in Taiwan, however, we are going to expose the best Taiwan attractions for you.

If you want to experience the best nightlife in Taiwan, consider visiting Taipei. More specifically, you could enjoy your night experience in Ximending. This popular spot is packed with the best pop culture attractions and shopping paradise.  You will see thousands of vendors sell any goods from toys, book, CDs, and clothing.

You could also do the tour Taipei at night. Explore the city when the buildings and exteriors are lit up. You may never compare Vegas and Taipei. But Taipei wins over Vegas in holding the candle for the enlightenment after dark.

Not to mention that the food stalls and night hawkers will be spread around Taipei. In most cases, the distance is so short from one stall to another, allowing you to visit one by one quickly. You will have plenty of options about the things to do in Taiwan in the night time.

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