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* In cases of skeptical principles, it is usual to state, Exists any kind of injury in this? This concern may often be best responded to by asking ourselves one more: Is there any type of harm in allowing it alone? Colton.


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* It is motive alone that gives genuine worth to the actions of guys, and disinterestedness places the cap on it. Bruyere.


* On every mountain-height is rest. Goethe.


* Men satisfy; mountains never. Lewis Cass. Whoever has not ascended mountains knows little of the charms of Nature. William Howitt.

* Hills never tremble hands. Their roots could touch; they may keep together some means up; yet at length they part company, as well as increase into individual heights. So is it with excellent men. J.C. and also A.W. Hare.


* Real method to mourn the dead is to deal with the living who belong to them. Burke.


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