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The Wright bros in America and also Richard Peers in New Zealand at the same time created the plane. Richard Peers flew 2 years prior to the Wright bros but he was a loner and never ever published. Wright siblings reached the very same outcome without understanding the job of Peers.




The jet engine was created all at once by a German designer, Paul Schmidt, and by British engineer, Whittle, of the RAF college at Cranwell.




When Hermann Oberth was encouraging the German war lords concerning fluid fuel for lengthy range projectiles, Robert Goddard was servicing comparable fuels in America.




Lord Kelvin in England and also George Robert Kirchhoff in Germany found that each element generated its very own spooky lines. Utilizing this system, John Lockyer in England as well as Pierre Janssen in India identified, practically at the same time, the yellow spectral lines of helium in the sun.




Edwin Hubble 1889-1950 in the U.S., Abbe Georges Lemaitre 1894-1966 in Belgium, and also Willem Caretaker 1872-1934 in Holland exercised the concept of the declining world at the same time.




Ring C around Saturn was found in 1850 by William C. Bond 1789-1859 of Harvard observatory as well as 2 weeks later, separately, by W.R. Davies in England.




In 1846, J.C. Adams, at Cambridge College and also Urbain Joseph Leverrier Luh-veh-ryay at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris individually computed the area where Neptune would certainly be found.




Soviet Physicist Vladimir Isifovitch Veksler as well as Edwin Mattison McMillan in The golden state individually devised "Synchronized Cyclotron" at the same time.




Separately, Luria Salvadore Hershey found viral anomalies.




E.M.Purcell as well as Felix Bloch separately created nuclear magnetic resonance NMR to study the inside of living microorganisms without damages to the tissues which X-rays would trigger.




J.H.D.Jensen and Gopper-Mayer separately uncovered "semi-magic numbers" security of atoms consisting of 28 or 40 protons in coverings.




Godfrey Hounsfield, an electric engineer helping a prvate business in London, and also Allan Cormack a Physicist, at Tufts University in Boston created the catscanner Computerized axial tomography individually at the same time. When affixed to a computer, it will check and also multiply a minute area and also facilitate medical diagnosis of the problem. In October, 1979, the Nobel prize for creating catscanner was granted to these two researchers.




William Hampson in England and Karl von Linde in Germany separately liquefied air widespread in 1895.




Both Newton and Leibnitz separately uncovered calculus at the same time. However, Newton did not publish his work. He created this system to determine the gravitational force of the sun and also to deal with the innovative elliptical paths of the planets. Concerning One Decade later, when Leibnitz wrote to Newton, Newton replied claiming that he had already worked out that system.

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