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Top 10 Unusual Supreme Tees

While there’s a ton of box logo Supreme tees, the super hyped NYC clothing company have made a few tees, collaborations, and other items which have gone under the radar. We list our favorites.



Supreme Michael Jackson tee


The Thriller era Michael Jackson might have been the most badass. So it’s no wonder Supreme snagged the rights to this iconic photo and printed for their 2017 summer release. This is the t-shirt, in black.


Supreme Akira hoodie


There are a few different Akira clothes from Supreme, all based on the cult classic anime. But this hoodie with the arm illustration is my personal favorite. And it’s becoming more and more rare as the “pill” version has become the go-to Akira and Supreme variant. If you want to stay unique, grab this one.


Supreme Samurai tee


While they’ve made many works together with Undercover, the red and black version of their “Seven Samurai” t-shirt might have been the most dope. And for those who want, there’s also the blue version.


Supreme Escher tee


Supreme is known to produce some out there, bonkers and crazy clothes and items. The 17SS M.C. Escher collage t-shirt is certainly one of them. Maurits Cornelis Escher was a Dutch artist and graphic artist who devoted himself to exploring the mysteries of mathematics and philosophy using art.



Supreme CDG Box Logo Hoodie


So this isn’t unusual. Or a tee. So what is it doing on the list? Simply because it’s super comfortable and a must have hoodie. As a replica it isn’t crazy pricey either.


Supreme Stone Island Sweatpants


These sweats are, just like their CDG collaboration, super comfortable. Note that these are from the 2017 Summer/Spring SS17 brand, and not the 2014. Big difference here.



About Supreme


To be Supreme you have to be wealthy and patient. Barely out and already out of stock. It's the Supreme madness In over twenty years, the brand has tweaked its market, expanded its collection, cultivated a marketing of scarcity and intensified the collaborations it distributes in its eleven shops open to the four corners of the world with three in United States, two in Europe and six in Japan.


Every Thursday, the store hosts a restocking. To access it, you must be patient and accept to enter the waiting game. We say well wait but first, you have to register on Monday evening. For this, it is necessary to do the first queue for several hours. Once you’re done you retrieve a registration number.


Then, armed with this precious ticket, it is time to go to the Supreme store on Thursday at 9:30 am and form a new lengthy queue. Of the 2,500 people present on average, only 500 are selected by random. The others see their ticket torn one by one after being called by the staff throughout the morning. A real heartbreaker. And one of the reasons fans have to go the replica way, many of which turn to China resellers like



On the Internet, resale sites are multiplying. eBay and Supreme Talk are just a few of the sites specialized in the second market. Like the StockX auction platform that offers to find the best price for both parties. Initially specialized in the sale of sneakers with limited editions, StockX has been offering the opportunity to buy Supreme clothing at a price defined by hype. It’s a mad mad world.


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